Ace Puddy's Story

Need help? Feel that you're the only one? Here is all the information you need to survive being a teenager with Dyspraxia!

Ace Puddy's Story

Postby Story » Thu Dec 01, 2005 5:20 pm

I have difficulties getting dressed and learning I keep for getting stuff, I also have a problem with my writing, I read some stories and I noticed that people get computers to type on (dyspraxics I mean) I don't get anything I just found out after 10 years that I’m suppose to get a laptop to type on, helpers to learn more and more time on tests. Its really hard coping I have problems balancing some of my friends have to push my back when I’m falling backwards. I have teachers that shout at me when I do something wrong, and I’m like nearly always depressed. I only have 3 friends and they are all my sisters’ friends, it’s really hard making friends because people judge me before they actually know me. I have been bullied for 8 years and teachers have done nothing until now. I’m finally getting helpers to help me learn but they don't usually help me they help everyone else. I still have not got a laptop to type in. I’m always falling but one of my favourite accidents was when I was learning to ride my bike (for like the seventh time hehe) and I started to ride but I was in a daydream and I hit a lamppost hehe its funny but it really hurt.

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