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Need help? Feel that you're the only one? Here is all the information you need to survive being a teenager with Dyspraxia!
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Robin's Story

Fri Apr 14, 2006 9:50 pm

My biggest problem I guess is my shame at being Dyspraxic, and my desire to brush it off, I constantly dismiss it and act as if it’s nothing, in this way I'm my own enemy. I learned I was Dyspraxic when I was around 14 (now 18) and really didn’t understand then, in fact I only came to properly understand in the last year or so at university, when I was living fully independently, when there’s no one to rely on you have to accept what you are and I struggled to do this at first and for months was really depressed. The thing I find hardest about it is the problems with maintaining relationships, I've made friends but lost most of them, I have few really close friends and I always mess up any relationships with girls, I find myself constantly overwhelmed with guilt, panic, paranoia and regret. Thus I feel depressed or hyperactive, stressed and never calm, I feel lethargic and in turn lazy and I come off this way. I rarely explain my "condition" as I want to be accepted, in fact that is perhaps my biggest problem, a desire to be accepted. I’ve always felt a bit of shame at my family and I know suspect one or both of my parents to be Dyspraxic/Dyslexic and consequently my childhood was horrible. I’m writing this because I feel the need to relieve how I feel and I truly hope someone can understand me, someone I can talk to.
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