Taradino Cassat's Story

Need help? Feel that you're the only one? Here is all the information you need to survive being a teenager with Dyspraxia!

Taradino Cassat's Story

Postby Story » Fri Apr 14, 2006 9:53 pm

Dyspraxia, I was only told I have it when I was 13. I had to put up with teachers complaining about my handwriting and organisation for 5 years at school. I didn’t get a clear definition of what it was and in year 10 they gave me a laptop and told me to type everything rather than trying to write. So there I was, placed on a pedestal where almost everyone asked me, “Why do you get to have a laptop?” I didn’t know why myself because all I knew about dyspraxia was the name. I couldn’t cope with all the questions so I decided not to use it and the questions stopped but my handwriting didn’t improve and I was falling behind, getting detentions and the like. I considered committing suicide, it had all become to much and I had to think about what was stopping me from jumping out my second storey window. I hope my parents never find out… My Sister can draw really well, so I thought I could give it a shot. My drawings turned out terrible even though I pictured them so perfectly, just some more crap in my life that I owe to dyspraxia.

It didn’t feel right to blame all my faults on Dyspraxia, it made me feel so pathetic and depressed that I’d never be able to draw manga like my sister or write properly or do anything else. One thing I don’t get is why I’m so good at videogames, I can beat anyone at any game. Isn’t dyspraxia supposed to dull the skills required for such a task? That gave me the hope to pull myself away from thoughts of suicide and the ability to enjoy life, no matter how impaired. In year 11 you are allowed to use laptops in class but by that time my computer was obsolete, everyone had cool shiny new laptops that could play any of the latest games. I would have gotten a shiny one too if it wasn’t for dyspraxia, I’d have been showing my laptop off too. Instead I had to shamefully admit my computer only had an 18 gig hard drive. All my friends were really supportive when I told them about it, I can tell them anything. They still respected me the same, even though they made the occasional joke about it but they were just joking you know? They don’t mean it, they’re just poking fun and I laugh as well. I’m coping with dyspraxia now and I can type like the wind so yeah things are looking up.
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