Andys Story

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Andys Story

Postby Story » Fri Apr 14, 2006 9:54 pm

I have known that I was Dyspraxic since I was three. That doesn't make life any easier. I have been bullied a lot at school. In primary school it was a teacher who just couldn't understand that some days I would be great at math's and some days I was pure rubbish. When I went to secondary school the bullying stepped up a few notches it was really awful more from other pupils. In first year I entered the speech making competition and spoke about Dyspraxia and how it affected me and how I was called lots of inappropriate names like Spaso and stupid.I won the competition and had to give my speech to over 500 parents pupils and teachers at the prize giving ceremony, I received a standing ovation and my speech has been used in other schools for teacher training. I also have been asked to go to other schools and give my speech. A lot of the bullying has stopped since then. I still don't, have many friends because I am not cool to be around. P.E. is the worst I just cant do it! I can sail and canoe and have even won medals for these sports. I have been issued with a Palm Top and mini Keyboard at school which is fantastic. I get a reader and a scribe if I want, also extra time in tests. I am in third year now and hope to sit six standard grades next year .
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