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Need help? Feel that you're the only one? Here is all the information you need to survive being a teenager with Dyspraxia!
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Abby's Story

Tue May 04, 2004 9:24 pm

As a teenager, since I did not know I had Dyspraxia, it was even harder to cope and no one knew how to help me. I will explain that it was a very difficult childhood but the teenagehood was probably the worst. As soon as I started Secondary school it was a long uphill struggle. The first month, I would guess, I was always getting lost all day, every single day trying to find my classrooms and when I started going up in my new years at school I had classroom changes and that made it even worse. Not only did I lose classrooms, but I also got very badly picked on and bullied verbally. I got told off constantly by teachers for arriving late to class and explained that I got lost finding the lesson, but they still were not satisfied.

In my years of 7, 8 and 9, I got £2 stolen from me every day which was all my money I had in my purse, that my Mum had given me for the school day, and I had to keep getting lent some money. The teachers were trying to find who was doing it and eventually they caught them, they said it was someone I knew, but I never found out who it was. They did not seem to want to tell me.

Also at school I had problems with remembering to bring my completed homework to school most of the time but occasionally I would remember. I managed to get two detentions for that. I also found some work in subjects very difficult but some teachers never helped me when I stuck my hand up in the air for help. Maths was a big problem and I always needed constant help, but luckily the teacher was a brilliant teacher and put a lot of time and effort into helping me.

I was always pushed around in the dinner queue at dinner time and got bullied four times in a row at school. At dinner, for the first few days in the first year, I kept dropping my tray and so I got a dinner lady to help me from then on. After a while I did not need a dinner lady any more.

At home my teenage life was still a problem. I would drop things a lot and break things. I did not wear any makeup until Mum introduced it to me and I found it quite hard at first and then I think I basically got used to it. I am female and so at some stage in my life I had to start shaving. There was a particular day at school where I was wearing these trousers which had become a bit small for me and they were showing underneath bareness. I was getting sniggered at by these bullies and when I got home at the end of the day I explained to Mum what had happened and that they said to me "do you know how to shave yet?" Mum said she thought it was time to teach me how to shave and she did. I did have some big difficulty with it and still do.

Well, now I am 21 and some things have got better like dropping things less, remembering things a little better, but not much, and finding shaving a bit easier, but there is still a lot more to get better. I do not know if I will improve any more than this, but I am happy anyway and it gets better after school except I got bullied at college as well and physically. I am now working though, in a bakery.

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