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Need help? Feel that you're the only one? Here is all the information you need to survive being a teenager with Dyspraxia!
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Lewis's Story

Tue Jun 15, 2004 10:03 pm

I was told I had Dyspraxia in December 2003. I was 14 and all my life I have shown signs of Dyspraxia.

When I was a child I couldn't dress myself, I had trouble cutting my foods up and I wasn't organised. It wasn't till I saw a psychologist for my behaviour in October 2003 when she decided to do a test which tested Dyspraxia. When me and my mum and dad went back to London in December 2003 that I found out. My parents thought that I was Dyspraxic from the way my life was.

In March 2004 me, mum, dad and my psychologist had a meeting with my tutor and the head of learning support but since then the only thing thats happend is I'm on work experience for two days a week which is good because I'm unhappy at school and being out for two days helps. In my exams this year I got no help.

The other thing that's changed outside of school is that I got my counceling back and every wednesday I go group therapy with other teenagers who are unhappy in life. I'm unhappy in life because over the last three years I haven't got on with my family and I find it hard to make friends which is because I'm not very good with social skills.

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