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Postby Julia » Fri Apr 23, 2004 7:16 pm

Hiya Matthew
Firstly, I must say, what a wonderful website! It's so informative. The best I've seen in a long time....well done.
Secondly, I was very saddened when I read your story Matthew. It is outrageous the way you have been treated.....the education authority/government are definately failing in a major way here. Every child has the right to an education AT school....this angers me greatly! I'm pleased to hear your life is much more bearable now Matthew & at last you are happy.
Right, where do I start.....I'll try my best to put it in nutshell.
Our son Deryn, (aged 7) was diagnosed 6 months ago with mild Dyspraxia & (what they call) other developmental immaturies! We arrived at the diagnosis, after lenghty meetings with a child psychiatrist & finally a paediatric neurologist. Now I know this will sound awful, but, we were so pleased......that at last somebody had sat up & taken notice of us.
He has been having problems at school since the day he with this diagnosis in hand, we yet again went back to the school & the educational psychologist & demanded help! Unfortunately to no avail. He has been turned down for a 'statement'.....reason being, he is not bad enough! He has great difficulty with reading & writing, so prefers not to bother with it & at school he does the same. The school give him 3, 15 minute sessions a week, on a one to one basis.
They say he is unwilling rather than unable!
He is of course a very intelligent young man & very manipulative.....but we do love him so much....we just want to be able to help him as much as we can, but we come to dead ends, whatever we try.
We have been in touch with an organization called parent partnership. Although they were very helpful initially.....that avenue has now been exhausted.
I would be very grateful if you could offer us any advice on where to go next.
Thank you
Julia (Deryn's mum)

Postby Guest_Helen » Fri Apr 23, 2004 7:17 pm

Hi Julia, completely understand why you were pleased when you were given a diagnosis. We were the same...just so relieved to have a reason for Matt's difficulties. We were also hopeful that with a diagnosis, Matt would receive all the help he needed... how very silly of us!! Sounds like you are having a tough time finding the support that Deryn needs. Unfortunately the staff at your son's school seem to have the attitude towards dyspraxia which is so familiar!! Are their any other schools within your area that you could consider for your son. If there are it may be worth asking to have a look around and then discuss your childs need with them. Every school is different and there are some out there who do understand dyspraxia and do give the help needed. If that is not an option then I am afraid it is a case of persisitance. Explain to your Deryn's class teacher that you are eager to work with the school, to help your son gain the best from his time with them. Suggest that you meet regularly with a view to discussing his progress. Does your son have an IEP? If so meet with the SENCO and discuss the strategies within it and any points you feel need adding. If the IEP is not working and the school still do not support your son, then arrange to meet the Head teacher, to discuss your concerns. Always keep a copy of any correspondence between yourself and the school and keep a note of any conversations you have with staff, including names, dates, outcomes etc. If all this fails then you can request a Statutory Assesment for your child. The following website will give you all the information you need begin this process.... <a href='' target='_blank'></a>. This is a PDF file of a special needs booklet for parents. It is very useful! Have you contacted the Dyspraxia Foundation...they are great for advice and also may be able to put you in touch with a group local to you. It may help to meet others who understand. I hope that you start to get the help for your son that he deserves. Keep fighting for him. If you want to contact me directly, then please feel free to mail me via Matt's site. All the very best, Helen
P.S As a last resort you could always direct the staff at Deryn' school to Matt's site! Others have done this and found the penny dropped and things improved. Matt oftens has mail from teachers saying they've visited his site and how good it is!

Postby Jacquie » Fri Apr 23, 2004 7:18 pm

:) Hi, My almost 8 year old son Reuben, has just been diagnosed with developmental dyspraxia. We are yet to have an Occupational Therapy Assessment done but will be getting onto that as soon as possible.
After reading how Matthew was treated at school, i wonder if Reuben had been having just as hard a time. We've just moved them from the school they were at as the Principal wasn't willing to recognise that Reuben wasn't just naughty, as i am sure most of the teachers there thought he was. Its a long story of how that all came about and not a very nice one either.
We are in New Zealand and have a great Dyspraxia Support Group (apparently - i've yet to get involved but its first on my list for tomorrow).
Its great knowing i'm not the only one in this situation. Matt's site is great! What a wonderful place to visit - keep up the information ;)

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