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Re: dear diary,

Wed Nov 23, 2011 10:51 am

I was diagnosed with autism when i was little so now that explains alot and wonder what services out there i can get now i know i have autism.

wednesday , november 23,2011

Re: dear diary,

Sat Jul 07, 2012 3:45 pm

Dear Diary,
I have to make this short and i just want to say is i am on alot of meds and have had a rough time. i get made fun of and treated bad.
i will write more when it is quiet. i wrote alot and dyspraxic teens said i wasn't logged in and now it is frustrating stupid thing did this to me and lost everything i said. I want to scream.

I was diagnosed with autism when i was little and I been having a hard time in my life.

July 7,2012
11:38 am

My mom and me are going to be fostering and if a child comes up for adoption we will adopt the child. I plan to home school any children adopted.
But thanks for listening.
also my psychriatrist said i can't be a parent and can't foster or anything and she won't allow it . It frustrates me that all my life it is that way. what i can't do what i know i would love to do.

I been the hospital and had lots test done and was having problems breathing i did and that happen a couple weeks ago.

from Jennifer reed
I write what you think.
thanks for reading
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