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Postby Matthew A-F » Fri Apr 23, 2004 7:42 pm

My parents and I have decided to design a leaflet about Dyspraxia to be distributed around primary schools in my local area and eventually around Britain. Hopefully, the leaflet will help teachers understand dyspraxia and help them to identify children who may have it. I hope to get my campaign (Officially Dyspraxic Fantastic) charity status, so I can raise funds to pay for printing costs. I am aiming to get the leaflet ready and copies of it printed for Dyspraxia Awareness Day 2004. My mum and dad will be giving me lots of help but any tips you can give me or any ideas of what you think should be included, would be really appreciated.
Matthew A-F

Postby Abby » Fri Apr 23, 2004 7:42 pm

Hi, Matt.
I' ve read about your leaflet about Dyspraxia and I think it's a brilliant idea. I really hope it will help this mixed up world, because it is mixed up.
i have my 21th birthday on the 28th of Febuary this year but I have no idea if I want to bother holding a party because even now people say they are too busy to attend. I think they are worried I' m going to be embarrassing, but I don' t blame them to an extent. My brother really wants me to hold one and says that everyone will come to this one because it' s a big one.
Anyway, I think you should maybe put the addresses and telephone numbers of the Dyspraxia Foundation (if you know it) and the details of your local group (if you have one and if you know it again) into your Dyspraxia leaflet at the end.
I am going to create my own website but I don' t have a clue how to make one. Mine is going to be about having Dyspraxia. I have had help from a Norfolk friend who is Dyspraxic to start one but we haven' t gone any further.

Postby Guest_Helen » Fri Apr 23, 2004 7:43 pm

Hello Abby,
Great to hear from you again. Glad you think the leaflet idea is a good one. Great suggestions, so thanks. We shall include all the contact details for the Dyspraxia Foundation in the leaflet because this is where the teachers can go for help and advice. Also going to include a description of Dyspraxia, how to recognise it in a child, suggestions for further reading, such as The Hidden Handicap, by Dr Amanda Kirby. Also thought we could include some poignant quotes made by people with dyspraxia, particularly kids. Very determined to get this off the ground and distributed, but it is a slow old processs. If you have any more thoughts, let us know.. The more input from others the better.
Abby, don't get down about your 21st birthday. Plan your party to celebrate your very special day. I am sure your family and true friends will love to help make your day wonderful and celebrate with you.......those 'friends' who are 'too busy' etc. etc. are not worth worrying about. A handful of people who really love and care for you, and understand you, are worth much more than a room full of people who do not. You seem such a caring, lovely person and deserve a brilliant day. Go for it girl, and spend your day with those who matter. If I was in your neck of the woods, I would be only too happy to help you celebrate your special day and those who really know you will feel the same too......take your brother's advice, they can be right .........some times!!!! ;)
Good luck with the website.
Take care,
Love Helen x :)

P.S Are you any good at drawing or do you know anyone who would be willing to draw an illustration for our leaflet? Have an idea for a small drawing on the leaflet, but I am useless at drawing, so really need a budding artist to help out.

Postby Guest_Helen » Fri Apr 23, 2004 7:45 pm

:lol: Hi, Helen.
I' m glad to know that my suggestions for the leaflet helped. I cannot draw but maybe one of my brothers could help because they can draw.
I suppose your right about my party' s being held. It' s just that it' s hard at times. All the other girls at my age don' t get this trouble and they will always give you a lot of hassle when you invite them to your party. They should be very grateful. One things for sure, that I' m not the only one out there. Thanks for your support anyway. ;)

Postby Guest_Helen » Fri Apr 23, 2004 7:48 pm

Hello Abby,
If one of your brothers were willing to help it would be brilliant...perhaps you could ask them for me :lol: . I will try and explain the sort of thing we are after.... need a pencil drawn, cartoon type picture of a small child which visually shows some of the outward signs of dyspraxia, e.g shoe laces untied, shoes on wrong feet, buttons done up wrongly, perhaps even tripping up. Not sure how easy it would be for an artistic type to produce something like that but I would be so grateful if you could just ask your brothers. If they do not want to do it, I won't be offended or anything, so don't worry. If they do feel like having a go, then let me know and I shall e-mail you more detail. Thanks
Oh Abby don't be :( . I understand how hard it must be for you. There must be so many new difficulties, caused by dyspraxia, when you reach adult hood. I know that Matt is encountering new difficulties now he is a teenager and each day we seem to face new challenges. Dyspraxia is a truly tricky 'disability' to have with society being so blinkered and judgemental :angry: . I am 34 and do not have dyspraxia, but I can tell you that most of us have problems of some kind, doubts and insecurities about ourselves, even as adults. I know I do!! As you move on through adult life, you learn more and more to stand tall inspite of everything, even if inside you feel like absolute rubbish. What others say and think begins to matter less and less. Be proud of who you are Abby...ok so dyspraxia limits some of the things you can do and makes you seem different etc. but we are all different. Thank goodness we are, because if we were all the same, I for one would soon get bored. Through Matt's site we have come into contact with some amazing people, with courage, humility and kindness. You are one of those people Abby...always concerned for others and always willing to support those who need it. There are no better human qualities, in my opinion, so celebrate who you are and stand tall. I hope you do have your party and that those who attend treat you with the respect and kindness you so deserve.
Abby, can I ask a favour? Yes another ;) !! If you feel you can, would you e-mail me with a piece about how it is to live with dyspraxia as an adult and the sort of things that prove a know, the new difficulties that arise as an adult, that were not a problem in childhood. Also anything that was a struggle in childhood that does not matter anymore or has improved. I am still very much learning about dyspraxia and would be interested to read an adults take on it. Might help Matt as he heads towrads being adult too! Also would you mind us putting it up on the site somewhere to help others? Thanks.
Take care and keep :)
Love Helen

Postby Abby » Fri Apr 23, 2004 7:48 pm

:rolleyes: Hi, Helen.
I have spoken to my brother and he says it would be fine to help, but he' s not very good at drawing either. Despite this he said that quite a few of his Uni friends do very good cartoon drawings, but there is this particular friend who does great cartoon drawings for charity' s and alsorts. He say's he will ask this friend if she will do this for me. I' m sure she will, I will get them to e - mail you details.
:P I' m exhausted after shopping though in Newark. I live in a place called Aslockton and now I' ve started getting the bus into Newark, I' m learning how to find my way around, but it' s easy, because everything is like a big roundabout. Mum told me not to spend too much, because I' ve got to pay my Dad back for a car that he bought me. ;)

Postby Guest_Helen » Fri Apr 23, 2004 7:50 pm

Thanks Abby, that would be great. Thank your brother for me and I shall keep my fingers crossed ;) . Hope you are recovered from your shopping trip...did you find anything in the shops? I went out earlier in the week and trawled the shops, but found nothing I liked :( . Desparate to boost my winter wardrobe!!
Hear from you soon.
Helen x

Postby Vicky » Fri Apr 23, 2004 7:50 pm

This is an absolutely amazing idea. I hope it is a huge success.

Would you like me to add a piece of info on your leaflet campaign to the 'Useful Information' page at the back of my book?

Vicky :)

Postby Abby » Fri Apr 23, 2004 7:51 pm

Hi Helen, again.
You may of been shopping and found nothing but I had luck this time. Last weekend I was going to go into Nottingham on the train and went for the same train as my brother was catching, and it got cancelled because it broke down and my parents were away. Different story this weekend. I went into Newark because I changed my mind and the bus turned up on time and I got exactly what I wanted. Last time I went shopping I didn' t have much luck, so it was a different story here. Never mind. I bet you felt cheesed off.
B) About this story. Are you going to publish it now? Because I thought you still wanted these cartoon pictures. If you don' t want them, that' s fine, but if you do I will still try and get some news for you. I will leave you now and go and ask my brother for information.

Postby Guest_Helen » Fri Apr 23, 2004 7:51 pm

Hey Abby,
No we are not publishing the leaflet is no where near ready and we are not aiming to disribute it until next year. Yes, we do still want the drawings, so any help your brother's friends could give would be greatfully received. ;) . We shall, ofcourse, give them acknowledgement in the leaflet.
Glad you found what you were looking for while shopping. Yes, I was totally miffed when I got home from my shopping trip....shall try again in a week or two!!
Hear from you soon.

Postby Vikki Collins » Fri Apr 23, 2004 7:55 pm

Dear Matt, this leaflet would be magic!
with regard to printing, I use "Fineprint" and "pdfFactory" from
Another way is to publish it on your site in .pdf (Adobe) format and then allow people to print it off.
Pryderi sends his best wishes, he is now at secondary school, and we are having to start the process of educating yet more teachers about dyspraxia - he has been labelled aggressive again for bumping into others, and tripping over, but those who bully him tend to be excused as "they have been provoked".
Teachers have complained that his writing is not up to standard, and at his age he should be able to do better. So much for John Hall's letter - he doesn't understand.
Nice to see your site growing (in quality and quantity).
Best wishes for the future, and thanks for linking to my site.
Vikki Collins

Postby Guest_Helen » Fri Apr 23, 2004 7:56 pm

Hello Vicky,
Matt's Mum here. Thanks so much for the encouraging comments, advice and ideas. Had not thought of adding the leaflet to the site as a pdf, but it is a great idea and as soon as we have completed it to the standard we are aiming for, it will be put on.
All the best with getting through to the teachers at Pryderi's school. It made my blood boil reading the comments that you have had from the school....just like we had about Matt :angry: . Clearly, despite the best efforts of those who do know about and understand dyspraxia, the message is not getting through! :(

Makes us even more determined to get moving with these leaflets which, hopefully, oneday will reach every UK school.
Desprately need someone artisitic to commit to doing us a drawing for the leaflet....we are ok with all the writing and computer graphics, but none of us can draw.
Thanks for all the support and messages of encouragement you have given to Matt since he set up his site and a big thank you for your site, which helped so much when we were just starting our journey, after Matt was diagnosed.
Kind regards,

Postby Matthew A-F » Fri Apr 23, 2004 7:56 pm

The leaflet is in the final stages of production. We've sorted out the graphics and all the text has been written. Now I just need a little help from you to get it finished. We need some people to write a sentence or two about how dyspraxia makes them feel, particularly at school. If you feel you would be willing to do this and put down your first name and age for the leaflet, I would be so pleased. Lets hope when the leaflets get into schools, they will help teachers to understand.

When the leaflet is released, I will also put a copy on the website in .pdf format, so that parents can download it and take it their child's school.


Matthew A-F

Postby Dyspraxic Fantastic » Fri Apr 23, 2004 7:58 pm

Hi, my name is Charlotte and I am sixteen years old and mildly dyspraxic. I have signed the guestbook at Matt's hideout but haven't been able to e-mail anybody because my e-mail doesn't work and I am useless with computers and can't fix it. I have written a poem, shown below about dyspraxia that you could use in your leaflet although if you don't want to or don't have enough space or whatever, that's fine.
I use to feel useless when I was at school but I gained three B's and a C on my GCSEs. I am now at college studying chilcare and am much happier.
Charlotte x
My poem:

If dyspraxia could talk to me it’d say…

My name is dyspraxia I’ve been with you all your life,
I’ve seen you go through a lot of pain and strife,
I can be your worst enemy but I can be your best friend too,
I’ve made you what you are today I’ve made you, you.

Please don’t ignore me and hope I’ll go away,
You have to face up to me every single day,
People think you’re stupid, clumsy, lazy or bad,
But it’s me that taught you not to let those idiots make you sad

Please don’t feel clumsy when you break that cup,
Please don’t feel useless and think you should give up,
Please have the sense of humour to laugh until you shake,
It’s me that gave you that ability to laugh at your mistakes.

Please don’t feel stupid when you fail the test,
Please understand you learn differently to the rest,
Please revise your way until you get it right,
It’s me that gave you the ability to work with all your might.

Please try hard until you succeed
It will happen eventually, I guarantee,
It feels so good when things happen the way you want,
It’s me that gave you the determination to carry on.

Please understand when others do things wrong,
You know how they feel so tell them to carry on
Please stay polite even when it’s hard to do,
It’s me that’s made you care so much for others as well as you.

Please don’t ever feel like you’ll never fit in anywhere,
Keep searching until you find happiness somewhere,
Please stay positive through all that life will bring
It’s me that taught you to look on the bright side of things.

My name is dyspraxia I’ve been with you all your life,
I’ve seen you go through a lot of pain and strife,
I can be your worst enemy but I can be your best friend too,
I’ve made you what you are today I’ve made you, you.
Dyspraxic Fantastic

Postby Guest_Helen » Fri Apr 23, 2004 8:03 pm

Hello Charlotte,
What a brilliant poem! :) Thanks so much for sharing it here. It is extremely thought provoking and really captures how it is to live with dyspraxia. It is a positive poem too and I am sure will offer those who read it great hope and encouragement.
It will definately be included in the leaflet and we shall give you full recognition for it. Thank you so much again. It is sheer brilliance.
Congratulations on your GCSE results and all the best with your child care course. You are a true inspiration. May all your dreams come true.
Helen x :lol:


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