Special Olympics And Dyspraxia Child

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Postby susel1 » Fri Apr 23, 2004 8:06 pm

I coach Track and field in Christchurch New Zealand for Special Olympics and have enrolled a new little girl names Kesia who has Dyspraxia .
I have read info on our New Zealand Site but it does not really tell me how I can help her to learn and enjoy sport with us.
Can anybody guide me as to how I approach this as I only wish her to enjoy and actively participate.
regards Susel in New Zealand

Postby Vicky » Fri Apr 23, 2004 8:06 pm

Does Kesia actually want to participate?

If she's willing to have a go, then half the battle is won - she won't be feeling miserable or upset at the event. Everything depends on how she is treated there. Explain to one or two students that Kesia has special difficulties and will need lots of extra encouragement and support. Let them stay with her throughout the day. Praise her efforts, not just her attainment - let her know that you are proud of how much she is trying.

What sports will she be taking part in? If they involve bats and balls, give her a slightly larger bat and use a bigger ball - preferably a spongy one as these travel much more slowly.

The competitive element might be worrying for her. Try and place the emphasis on enjoyment and having fun. To improve her co-ordination, she is going to have to enjoy the events, otherwise they will just be traumatising.

I am severely dyspraxic myself so I can guess at how Kesia might feel. Just make sure that you are aware of her thoughts and take into account her effort - these are the two biggest things to bother about. Some support from fellow pupils is also an excellent idea.

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