thought that this maybe useful to someone

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thought that this maybe useful to someone

Postby tears_on_a_pillow » Sun Apr 30, 2006 10:27 am

I have been working on my self injury website and thought that I would share this section with you guys.


Self-Injury (SI) is the act of physically hurting yourself on purpose without the intent of commiting suicide. It is a method of coping during an emotionally difficult time that helps some people temporarily feel better because they have a way to physically express and release the tension and the pain they hold inside. In other people hurting themselves produces chemical changes in their bodies that make them feel happier and more relaxed.
Five key components identify and define SI.

One, SI is a harmful act done to yourself. Do not mistake lashing out in anger at others as SI.

Two, SI is only done by yourself. If anyone else does something to you that causes pain this is not SI.

Three, an act of SI must include some sort of physical violence. Emotionally punishing yourself (calling yourself a bitch or thinking you're stupid, ugly, etc.) is not SI.

Four, an act of SI is not done with the intention of killing yourself. People who slit their wrists to kill themselves, even though they have harmed their body, are not SI-ing.

Five, SI is done intentionally. Not accidentally, but with the intent purpose of hurting yourself.
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