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Behavior progress

PostPosted: Sun Jul 08, 2007 8:30 pm
by carebear15
got for church morning church good reports
2/3 i am not sure.
But It counts as something that i am not suppose to be doing.
6-24-7 = No problems
7-1-07 = No problems
7-8-07 = Before church began she was laying on the floor in front of the pew.

sunday school
we had no sunday school 2nd week and so that is 2 times
1/2 good reports

6-24-07 = Jennifer read the bible verse very well with appropriate volume. She sat quietly and did not disturb anyone.

7-8-07 = Jennifer was a little hyper today. She starts running from person to person and gets all excited. She still hovered around people. She needs to get her book + wait.

we are all special in our own unique way.