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Postby hopeless case » Sun Aug 07, 2005 3:24 am

Hello, my name is Michele. I am 21 and I believe I may be dyspraxic although I've never been formally diagnosed.. It is so disheartening sometimes I just want to quit altogether.

My biggest problem is the way I am treated. People are very condescending and treat me like I am an idiot, when in fact if we were to take IQ tests, I guarantee you I would score higher than the majority of them!!!!

I have always thrived in academic settings, it is my safe haven. While terrible at math, I have an extraordinarily high verbal intelligence and have never experienced the problems with writing, putting thoughts on paper, and spelling that many dyspraxics have to endure.

However, I have the hardest time with my motor skills and it leaves me feeling completely useless and stupid. I'm 21 and can't put socks on correctly, I can't button shirts right, I can't clasp my own bra. It's miserable. When I moved out on my own I had to move back in with my parents because so many little things that everyone else takes for granted just were overwhelming me. Open packages, cans, etc to cook dinner. Getting dressed, the list goes on ad infinitum. Unlocking my door for goodness sakes!!

But this wouldn't be a huge problem if it wasn't for the workplace. Being in college it is a necessity that I work. However, the jobs available to someone with no college education all require some kind of dexterity. I literally got fired from fast food, and various restaurant jobs. I thought I found my niche in retail, and while it is much easier than food service, I still have major problems. For one thing, I"m constantly bumping into people/ fixtures with racks that I have to roll out. Working the register is impossible. I constantly make mistakes. That's the weird thing, it's not just my dexterity anytime there are a whole bunch of tasks to remember or step-by-step processes I'm pretty well screwed.

I'm constantly dropping things or tipping things over and I have to work really slowly and others get so damn impatient and are so rude and hateful and treat me like an idiot. Which makes me angry because I know I'm extremely intelligent, unfortunately though, I feel there seems to be some kind of disconnect between brain and body.

So, yeah, I think I might be one of ya'll and was wondering what type of steps you need to take to get diagnosed, if there is any type of treatment, that kind of thing.
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Postby madame_tigre » Sun Aug 07, 2005 9:31 am

Hi Michelle,

From what you said in your message, it definitely sounds as if you could be Dyspraxic.

I'm currently in the same boat as you - not officially diagnosed and having problems at work and everywhere else for that matter.

So far, I've consulted my GP and she is going to try and arrange for me to see a psychologist. I think this is the best way forward if you're not in education.

Although, I've never been assessed, I know they give you an IQ test and assess your verbal and performance skills. If there is a significant difference between the two of them, then it means you have Dyspraxia.

Hopefully, someone who has actually gone through the process will reply to your message and describe what happens in more detail. I can only help by repeating what I have heard about the diagnosis.

Good luck
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Postby david456 » Sun Aug 07, 2005 9:23 pm

Hi Michelle,

I would stick my neck on the line and say that you are probably Dyspraxic, but getting Diagnosed may prove difficult. You need to see your doctor, explain the symptoms and tell her/him, how you have looked at Dyspraxia and thought that you may have it.

Then they will eiher (guessing here) refer you to a specialist or make a judgement there and then. I'm guessing a specialist is more likely where there will run some sensory tests, with balance, hearing, etc. If I remember years ago they may have done this with me. (Could be wrong)

I was lucky as when I was little my Mum was persistant in getting my Dyspraxia diagnosed and by four the problem was discovered, but the education system didn't help, with some teachers ignoring the problem existed, but some did help me, later on in schooling. Now I'm as good as I'm going to get.

You seem to have a more severe case of Dyspaxia than me from what I have read. You are right though, that Dyspraxic's usually have a high IQ. I work in retail, part-time and have just finished college, I also worked at a fast food place and after a week couldn't take it any longer, so we are similar in some respects.

Don't give up you will get there. I am 18, so around your age, your still young, you must have a dream job. Go for it. You are not a hope less case.

With regards to treatment, it's hit and miss, different people, different effects. I went somewhere that helped me, but it's expensive and doesn't work for everyone. Take Cod Liver Oll though, that is tried and proven for brain function. I take something called eye Q. You'd find it in chemists, herbal shops. etc.

Good Luck
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Postby anwencelia » Thu Aug 11, 2005 2:58 am

Hi Michele! I read your post, and I can symphathize with you in many ways. Life can be disheartening sometimes, but remember, there are some things that you CAN do! It's good to focus on that sometimes. You mentioned that you find academics easy. That is a blessing, and I'm sure this ability to memorize and work with information will be very beneficial to you down the road. You also mentioned (if I am understanding you right) that you were a little surprised to find that you have trouble at work with organizational stuff and remembering lists. You probably know this...but dyspraxia is not just coordination. It also affects one's ability to organize, and remember things. I do just fine with history facts, but if you asked me to do a list of things for you, I would have to write it down. Be encourged, Michele...life will not always be easy, but there are things that you can do! You are not a hopeless case! All the best, Alice
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Postby slinky_malinki » Wed Aug 17, 2005 5:45 pm

Hello Michelle,

Your spelling tells me that you are an American. (What a Sherlock I am!) I don't know much about diagnostic procedures in the USA. In Britain, you would usually go to a doctor and ask for a referral to a specialist (usually a neurologist, an educational psychologist, or an occupational therapist), refer yourself to a private ed. psych. or occupational therapist, or contact a centre that specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of learning disorders. People with dyspraxic-type symptoms tend to get diagnosed with Non-Verbal Learning Disorder in America, so it might be worthwhile checking out the list of testing centres given on www.nldline.com

As dyspraxia and dyslexia are often co-morbid conditions, some people with dyspraxia will have difficulty with spelling. Many of us, however, are extremely verbally adept. I do experience difficulty with getting my thoughts down on paper, but this is only when I have to handwrite - my writing speed is so slow and my short-term memory so poor that I forget what I want to say and get my sentences muddled up. After my assessment, I was given permission to have extra time and rest breaks in exams, plus the use of a computer. The extra time gives me room to think, the rest breaks stop my hand hurting, and the computer means that my writing is legible. I can now say what I want to say and be understood. A big improvement all round!

I am severely dyspraxic and I can identify with your problems. I have only recently mastered the art of buckling a shoe. The matron at my boarding school used to have to put my shoes on for me. This is a galling to the pride of an eighteen-year-old...
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Postby Philip » Fri Aug 19, 2005 7:28 pm

Welcome to the forum
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