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Postby WARTORIOUS » Sat May 15, 2004 11:27 pm

I have Dyspraxia and I have found that taking cod liver oil tablets have really helped me. Studies have shown that Omega oils found in oily fish greatly speed up neurons in the brain, making it work faster and generally better. Studies have shown that children taking the tablets have shown increased attention spans in the classroom, and gain the desire to read. i have been taking 2 cod-liver tablets everyday and i have noticed a big improvement.

Also these tablets are meant to help people with Dyspraxia even more. You can get cod liver oil from shopping centuries, pharmacies... ect. give them a try!
(ps I sound really boring, sorry about that :unsure: )
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Postby *cAt* » Thu May 20, 2004 3:27 pm

You don't sound boring at all, I take fish oils.... Me and my mum found out the best (for me anyways) to take were, "Neurozan" check them out!... also good is "Haliborange- High DHA Concentration and Vitamens" Its a syrup, and very good for the younger child, it's higher than Neurozan in DHA.... I think the highest i've found in DHA is Effalex, also very good....

Fish oils have been found to help children and adults throughout the whole 'hidden-handicaps' spectrum, including dyspraxia, adhd, autism and asbergers sydrome....

I definatly recomend them!!!! They are expensive, but worth it!

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