Restraint in Posting

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Re: Restraint in Posting

Postby Fenrir » Wed Jul 14, 2010 10:48 pm

All the time lol :P On most forums...i might sometimes write whole paragraphs as a reply, then decide against posting.
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Re: Restraint in Posting

Postby Remus » Thu Jul 15, 2010 12:24 am

For me personally, not really. I have got used to posting in a lot of forums over the years and I find I come across quite confident on the net compared to my real self. I'm far more concerned about offend someone in real life but I have had my fair share of arguments on the net. I just think we live in a world full of opinions and you are going to offend someone at some point whether in reality or on the net so don't let it bother you too much.

The only times I have ever felt uncomfortable on forums is when I have had a nasty runs in with another member. That is not a nice feeling at all.
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Re: Restraint in Posting

Postby abi » Thu Jul 15, 2010 12:06 pm

i often edit my reply so i dont offend people, for example with regards to religion, i dont want to force my religion onto others, especailly as i dont follow one of the major religions. its kind of like if i was in the dituation of the person im replying to, would i be offended? if i cant put myself in thier postion i will ask a friend.
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Re: Restraint in Posting

Postby Alice » Fri Jul 16, 2010 10:18 pm

On this forum, I feel pepole know me well enough to forgive unintentional mishaps regarding wording and whatnot.

Mind you, we're a friendly bunch, so I think even if I wasn't known I'd get the benifit of the doubt. The difference is that I know this place well enough to know that...
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Re: Restraint in Posting

Postby parnassus » Sun Jul 18, 2010 7:10 pm

I've been on DT for as long as there's been a DT to be on, so I think people have got used to my bluntness now and are used to forgiving me if needed. Also, dyspraxia usually does cause social and communication difficulties, and there are often secondary emotional problems too. Everybody here knows that, so we are able to make allowances for each other when problems do occur - which is rarely. I've been part of three or four other forums apart from Dyspraxic Teens, and I'm always surprised by the difference between the places. DT is a forum for people with a disability that can cause problems with social skills, and we have hardly any arguments or upsets. Other forums seem to reach combustion point at least once a week. I hardly dare to tread in some of them in case I set off a bomb.

Sometimes I do worry about upsetting people (everywhere, not just on DT), but I try hard not to let those thoughts dominate my mind - if I let myself go on thinking about that I would be just like I was in Year 7. It was after my transition to secondary school (not a coincidence) that I started to get paranoid about causing hurt, and that paranoia took me many years to shake off. I don't want to go back to that.

As for it not being your place to comment on this forum, it's just as much yours as anyone else's. I've always found your posts worth reading, even if you don't say much. I hope you're able to become more confident online, even if it takes a while. Try and be patient with yourself. It's good that you've posted this thread - now if you do want to go ahead and make a controversial speech, we will know about your worries and you won't be eaten for breakfast.

You can be saved for supper instead. :P
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Re: Restraint in Posting

Postby Henri » Sun Jul 18, 2010 8:13 pm

I think that this essentially a confidence issue. Whilst it is good to be aware of what you are doing and saying, it is best not to be preoccupied with other people's judgements and opinions. The people you are speaking to here happen to be very accommodating, but even if this is not the case, you should still express yourself when you think it is right to do so. In many other periods of history, people did not have the luxury of expressing their thoughts and opinions, and were even persecuted for it. You have the right to say virtually whatever it is that you want, and also to speak with people from around the world, all of whom have a tremendous diversity of opinion! It is certainly something to be very grateful for and to make maximum use of.

They key really is to say and do what you think is right, regardless of other people's opinions. If you focus on doing the right thing, you can take pleasure in that; knowing this makes negativity on the part of those around you as miniscule as the pixels on your screen.
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Re: Restraint in Posting

Postby JamesStanley » Sun Jul 18, 2010 8:22 pm

Online i find that i am a completley different person and dont worry as much on what i post espically here i feel that i can express myself and talk about what is on my mind.
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Re: Restraint in Posting

Postby Super Nekou » Mon Jul 19, 2010 5:37 pm

Pretty much all the time. I've gotten over the majority of it, but it's mostly tight-knit communities where I feel I dont belong that I avoid posting. Overly large communities also. I struggle to settle into a forum these days and often disappear at random.
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