Explaining Dyspraxia To Friends ?

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Re: Explaining Dyspraxia To Friends ?

Postby Spoon » Thu Sep 23, 2010 12:09 pm

A few friends know, if they knew me in uni for example. I guess if something came up in conversation then I'd tell them? A few people knew as I was going through diagnosis stuff at uni so spoke to them about it as having suspected for about 4 years, it was kinda big for me at the time.

Most people know that I hold a disabled rep position on a committee. I'm assuming they know you have to define as disabled for this. You can't know me for very long without noticing my awful sense of direction and my mannerisms are obviously different or that I am late/disorganised for everything. I come across as 'odd' but people probably put this down to different things. I don't generally feel the need to put a label on it unless it comes up in conversation.

I guess I feel like I shouldn't HAVE to tell people because it's almost like justification and an excuse for being me when people should just accept me. If I am struggling with something or will need help with something I just ask and explain that I find x, y and z difficult rather than that I have dyspraxia.
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Re: Explaining Dyspraxia To Friends ?

Postby xFCJ1995 » Fri Sep 24, 2010 7:16 pm

I've told two of my best friends, but even though I have a very close friendship group of about seven friends, I've only mustered up the courage to tell two. One friend already knew of dyspraxia (unbeknownst to me!) and reaction was a bit like 'oh okay' and hasn't mentioned it since, whereas my other friend knew nothing about it, but read through a lot of the information with me and has been very understanding and supportive.

My friends know what I'm like, and even though i'm pleased with being diagnosed as dyspraxic, as it allows me to deal with my issues... i don't know if my friends will be.... if that makes any sense?
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