Drawing Attention To Dyspraxia

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Drawing Attention To Dyspraxia

Postby xFCJ1995 » Sat Jan 29, 2011 5:45 pm

At my school there is a boy in my year who has dyspraxia, and he is friends with a few of my friends. Everyone knows about is issues and he is just treated like anyone else, but whenever the subject of dyspraxia comes up he is always quick to publicly announce how i have it too.

I'm not insecure about it, but I don't like him drawing attention to what for me is something quite personal. It really bugs me how he seems to want to make himself feel better by going on about me, without any consideration for how I might feel...
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Re: Drawing Attention To Dyspraxia

Postby Steph » Sat Jan 29, 2011 6:35 pm

In this situation, I would calmly speak to him one on one and explain that, while it's a good thing that he is so open and able to talk about his dyspraxia, you would like to be given the choice to decide who to tell and when.
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