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Re: P.E

Postby Alice » Tue Jul 05, 2011 11:39 pm

I was continually told by my, I assume well meaning, PE teacher that skipping PE for flute lessons all the time (which, as she guessed, was deliberate strateigic rearangement) would make me extremely unfit.

She knew perfectly well that I did fencing twice a week, the gym twice a week, and cycled too and from school. She also knew that the most excercise I got during lessons was walking from group to group trying to find one that would actually take me.
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Re: P.E

Postby Remus » Thu Jul 14, 2011 11:06 pm

I hated PE, pure hell for me. Just thinking back even now about it just makes me feel sick and anxious, that same fearful, eating your alive type feeling. Nobody should be forced to do it if they don't want to and I think in society there is way too much pressure on people with living healthy and exercise. Sure, it is important to be healthy and to get some exercise but at the end of the day, I just thought what is the point of all this exercise and have good physical health if it just completely opposite effect to your mental health.

It had a horrible affect on my life and I would never go back, even if you paid me millions. My PE teachers as well as the students made me feel like if you cannot do sports, you aren't worth anything and that's a horrible concept. I remember shoving a toothbrush down my throat to make myself sick to get out of it and I look back now in disgust, how desperate does someone have to be to do stuff like that! I remember the last year I skipped it completely and they weren't even bothered. Torture, pure and simple.
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Re: P.E

Postby allhahaheehee » Tue Aug 09, 2011 8:07 am

I'm very lucky because I've always been good at sport and love sport
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Re: P.E

Postby pip » Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:59 pm

PE was the worst thing in my life through out my school life. I couldn't stand anything more than I did. I've had so many PE disasters I don't know where to start, but I was bullied for it, and bullied in the changing rooms, and I used to feel so sick going to it. Part of it was how I didn't like how it was so different from every other class because you had to go in and get changed so fast and I couldn't keep up with people! eventually in year 11 at school I went to my head of house crying and I told him how much I hate it and I couldn't handle that and exams so I dropped it, and it made school a lot easier for me. not the best because I still hated it but easier!
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Re: P.E

Postby lirael101 » Thu Mar 15, 2012 2:27 pm

I used to have to do PE and loathed every minute of it :) I genuinely cannot catch/throw/dodge etc to save my life, so a PE curriculum based around netball, hockey and rounders was pure hell for me. I would develop injuries just before PE, and have to go to the nurse. Of course, this did have downsides when I actually injured myself but no-one believed me!

Now, I don't have to do PE anymore because I'm dyspraxic - you know the spellchecker doesn't recognise dyspraxic as a word? - and I can have a free study period instead which is awesome :) Of course, my fear of excercise has resulted in really poor fitness but hey! I really don't care

BTW, does anyone else have trouble gauging the width of doorways and bashing their shoulders on the doorframe?
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Re: P.E

Postby Fryodor » Sun Mar 18, 2012 11:26 am

Hi I know what you mean. I did hockey once or twice and I think I hit just about everything except for the ball at the right speed. How stupids that?
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Re: P.E

Postby Rodge1991 » Sun Mar 18, 2012 11:46 am

I never hated P.E except for the indoor stuff such as the rolling and balancing. (I could never do a foward roll, no matter how hard I tried) But mainly it was the people in P.E that I hated. I suppose I was naive to my difficulties and continued on.

But like many of you I was always picked last for the team and when I was the last one they would argue over who would get me, even if it meant that I was an extra player. Even my friends didn't want me on their team. And so when finally some team was forced into accepting me they would never passed to me. Becuase of this I could never practice my catching and passing skills which what the whole point of P.E was.

And when I got the ball, my own team would tackle me or snatch it off me. I was determined to keep trying, even though I was quite...awkward....in sports. Eventually my self-esteem crumbled to dust and I gave up and refused to play P.E. No matter how hard the teacher tried, I would not play. I would just sit out and watch, eventually it was decided that the best bet was for me just to be a ref or linesman.

As for the P.E teachers in all of this? Well don't get me started on them.........

Ironically I reprsented the school in the hockey team, I wasn't amazing as you can imagine, but I turned this into my 'almost=leathal weapon!'

I decided to be a defender, so all I needed to do was knock the ball away from the attacking player, and if I got the player as well...bonus! Once the opposition was aware of my 'talent' for finding their ankles they would do their upmost to steer well clear of me! In was never sent off though, becuase it wan't intentinial!
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Re: P.E

Postby MorganWolf45 » Mon Mar 19, 2012 3:40 pm

Hi my name's Morgan

and i hate p.e because of my dyspraxia problem, i almost never get chosen for team games
and i don't have much friends. :(
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Re: P.E

Postby Philip » Thu Mar 22, 2012 9:03 am

For PE in first school age 4.5 nearly 5 -8 I did not like PE, even though PE was done in the class form we were in. I found some things harder than others. Junior school age 8-11 again done in the class we were in, now and again in Year 6 we had either rounders or no stop cricket against the other three classes in year 6 (as well everybody had parks earning team points) so year 6 we had played as parkas well.

The good thing was that the form in secondary school were aware that a few people had coordination problems/learning difficults etc. It also helped since the secondary school attended we knew most of the people from junior school as well as first school.

In secondary school up to year 9 was done in our forms PE, we did a bit of training warm up to improved our game even though I was no good at most of theses, the PE teachers were not bother as long as well tried our best.

For team games during each lesson to make it fair the teacher/tutor picked the teams to avoid all the people who were good at the sport we were doing having a better advantage and it also stopped the same people being nearly picked last, the same team each time and to stop arguements and wasting time.

We usually played 5 or 6 vs 5 or 6 so two games were going on at the same time. The tutor/teacher also made sure of fair play that nobody got the ball took of them by people on the same team and to make sure everybody got the chance with the ball.

As for passing the ball, especially for netball we were all given the chance to play in every position during each PE lesson to make sure everybody got involved in the game

Trampolining I did before secondary school, we also did this in secondary school (as well as dance) I prefer it whilst doing it in our form group instead of year 10 of year 11 which gave some lads a chance to make fun of me from other form groups

As for hockey I was only good in the games we had during PE and scored a few goals (as we played no goalkeepers to make sure the same people did not get stuck in the goal or around the goal each game each lesson) usually 5 or 6 vs 5 or 6 and played against the other teams that lesson.

The only sport I did not have to do was rugby, where I was giving permission (because of a mediction condition I have) I got to do multi gym with another lad from the form I was in, even though we did not play proper rugby, it was best I stayed out of it.

I can remember being a linesman for netball only because of numbers we had that day (but this was just for one game we had) my best friend also got asked to be a linesman.

I never liked PE when I was in year ten and year eleven as lads did PE together and female did PE together. This meant because of our timetable we were place with other people from other forms, bthe tutors/teachers were aware that a few students were making fun of me, the same ones just ruined PE, a few of them just pass the ball to me to see me miss.
the same as for most subjects in year 10 to year 11.

Tennis I never enjoyed, even though we never played games nobody wanted to be my partner (not even my friends), PE tutors always got involved in tennis.

Sports day I don't remember junior school much, whether we played in the parks we were in, I could not pick the races I would like to do one year because I had a doctor/hosptial appointment. The sack race was pretty hard to do. In secondary school it was done as forms and could pick up to three races/fields if we wanted to this was just for year 7 to year 9. the ones who did not want to do sports day had to stop in school and had a fun day. one year and that was in year 9 we all had to go to where we had sports day and just watched if we did not wish to take part, the ones who did not take part had meant to walk round the track once but nobody did.

Forms groups were always sporting but competitive, each form had a friendly rival (we did not switched forms group each year, kept the same tutor unless he or she retired or left for another school) so it was the same form group for five years, in the form I was nobody switched forms, but one or two joined our form from other form groups.
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