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Exams using a black ink cartridge

Tue Mar 15, 2011 9:07 pm


i'm in year 10 at school and i've been having a few GCSES recently and the exam boards are making everyone use black ink cartridges and i have a s move stabilo pen but this pen won't smudge when i write with a blue ink cartridge but it seems to smudge with black. I'm kinda worried that i haven't been passing my exams because the exam boards cannot read it because it is smudged and i have a funny grip on my pen too! is there anyone who has been in this situation? Is there any pens out there which anyone would suggest?


Re: Exams using a black ink cartridge

Tue Mar 15, 2011 9:08 pm

oh and i'm not sure if my SENCO can help with this?

Re: Exams using a black ink cartridge

Tue Mar 15, 2011 10:05 pm

That sounds like a very bizarre rule on behalf of the exam board. When I did my GCSEs and A Levels, there was no limits as to what pen you could use to write with as long as it was black ink. I did all of my exams in biro as I can't use ink pens-I press too hard with them, break the nibs easily and it doesn't help that I'm left handed so I smudge everything I have already written. I don't really know what to suggest to be honest. I had a transcript in all of my exams at both GCSE and A Level-this is where the contents of my exam paper were written/typed up again word for word by someone who understood my handwriting and had legible handwriting themselves and then sent to the exam board with my original paper stapled to it. However, my handwriting is almost totally illegible and they don't grant this concession a lot so your handwriting would have to be proven to be illegible to be granted this concession. It sounds to me like your handwriting is legible when you write with a blue ink cartridge but not black. I suggest you consult your SENCO and see what she thinks.

Re: Exams using a black ink cartridge

Sun Jul 17, 2011 5:34 pm

If I have to use a ink pen when it comes to my GCSE's I'll fail.

The only thing I can suggest is talk to who ever is incharge of gettin a writer in the exam. Or if you have done some of the exams you can ask a teacher to write to the exam board explaining stuff.

With a Ink pen my handwriting is illegible...

My french teacher is colour blind- not loads, they just find it hard to see the difference between some colours like green and brown look the same to him.

He had to buy a pen before his exam and he thought it was blue. Afterwards his friend asked why did his exam in a purple pen. lol.
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