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Hi All

Postby lj » Fri Jan 07, 2005 2:13 am

Hey all.

This has been bugging me for a while. I needed some people to talk to that would understand.

Okay, i'm Luke. I'm 19 from Cleethorpes and am not officially dispraxic. I really do want to get it certificated as i need to put my mind at rest. Okay here's my story.

Alright, i first heard of dispraxia when i was in school, i think it was Years 7 or 8. Maybe 9. The thing that sparked the idea was the way i hold a pen and the way i wrote. I went to special needs and she asked me to fill in some paper and was under the impression i was, she told my mum she was quite certain i had it. So i was sent off to get a special pen and see my doctor.

Well my doctor, or ex-doctor does not work there anymore be he wouldn't have give you a bandage if you were bleeding to death, i got passed back and forth between doctor and school, didn't like the dodgy gel pen and having let it slip to a mate that i needed a "special pen" as it was worded, i got the piss taken out of me royally. As time passed on i got rid of the pen and forgot all about it. It was less embarrasing and i was a bright lad so i felt i shouldn't need any help.

I'm now at sixth form and 19. I was talking to a lass and she mentioned her brother in my year who had dispraxia, it set alarm bells ringing after a symptom or 2 she mentioned i noticed that i didn't even think was related to it. I went home and later read up on dispraxia the official website i think. After reading through the list of what it affects, i had tears in my eyes abit. Felt i'd been given a bad hand in cards, but the game was life (that sounded dodgy as anything but the best way i could word it). I really need to get it certificated as it has really got me worried about myself. The main reasons are work really, my part-time jobs that were previously at argos and mc donalds, i worked bloody hard but picked up things slower than everyone, i stuggled to hear what they were saying but i realised it was because i was trying to imput them in the till and my short term memory was next to useless as i'm unconfident and get nervous. My last job at argos was the one that got to me though. My boss said a number of things to me including:

"Do you have problems hearing?"
"You shouldn't be getting paid as much as the others."

I really did get treat like i was thick as anything. Considering i got 3 A's and 3 C's at gcse's. It hurts alot as i can't accept it and it gets my down. I feel i have little common sense because i can't react to situations, they happen too quick for me. Sometimes i concentrate on walking to walk confidently (opposite to what i am) and struggle to even co-ordinate my walking. My guitar which i have tried hard at for 3 years people of playing 1 year have overtook me and my passion for music is everything. I struggle to settle down at night. Passing conversations throw me all confused because i was concentrating walking to where i was going.

Things like this basically. Is there anyway i can get this certificated, i don't want anything like extra time on exams, i've left that too late, i just want piece of mind. Sorry if i sounded arrogant, i felt some lines came out wrong. :(. But hey all. Anyone have any of these troubles?

Postby parnassus » Sat Jan 08, 2005 11:35 am

Hello Luke,

You are describing classic dyspraxia. The best way to receive an official diagnosis is to do as Helen suggested in the 'Introductions' thread and see your GP. If s/he doesn't want to refer you to the specialist (co-ordination problems still aren't that well understood, but awareness is rising) you could join the Dyspraxia Foundation. They can usually help people to pinpoint appropriate contacts at a local hospital. Their website is www.dyspraxiafoundation.org.uk

The Dyspraxia Foundation Adult Support group has written a book for adults with co-ordination disorders, called 'Living with Dyspraxia - A Guide for Adults Living with Developmental Dyspraxia'. You can order that from the Foundation's website. It's very useful, and has a good chapter on getting assessed and diagnosed.

I have also written a book, which will be out in March, only it is aimed at younger teenagers - there's only one or two chapters that might interest you. Type in 'Caged in Chaos' at Amazon.co.uk and it should come up.

I would write more, but I am in a library and the timed computer session is about to run out. Good luck!

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Postby Darlen » Mon Jan 10, 2005 1:06 am

Or just click here...
... and pre-order it!! :wink:


p.s. Don't forget to leave a comment on Amazon about your book Vicky!!
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