The sensory therapist is teaching me techniques,here ideas-

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The sensory therapist is teaching me techniques,here ideas-

Postby carebear15 » Wed May 18, 2011 12:11 pm

sit on ball instead of chair that help with posture because one i slouch when i sit and 2 i don't sit up right. it help you body know where it is at. body awareness.

you can get the ball in walmart and they are in the excercising area. but one you need has to be right for you where when you sit down on it your knees are down and feet are down on ground right.

theraputty put beads in it and let it all get in and then pick them, out and fun sensory activity.

get on a ball and have it roll you back and forth and that helps with strengthening upper body strength which i don't have.

or you can just go on all fours and do excercises where you go back and forth.

If tags itch you and you can't stand them, cut them out. if you need what size the shirt is take a permanent marker inside shirt and write size S=small,M=Medium,L=Large,XL=extra large,xxL= 2 x large and etc...
my advice is the size writing in but make sure it can't be seen on the outside of the shirt , only inside of shirt.

Sensory brush - if you need one buy one or if you are in sensory therapy ask for one or 2 and they will give you them and when you brush don't pick brush back up when bruushing and brush like you are spreading butter on corn all over arm and around arm and up and down the whole arm and you can do this through clothes and you can do this on legs but never on face.

when going in to sensory therapy what do you want to get better at is one question you will be asked and top 2 things and if you're ready doing whatever it is then pick something else that is important to get better at.
MY top 2 is not to eat messy and eat neater and i get food all over myself and spill my drink on myself or spilling things.
build upper strength ane that is the upper body strength.

you need to know where your body is at in air.

when i hear loud sirens i hold my hands to my ears.
these are ideas and if you have ideas reply and write your ideas and add on and vicky if you have any ideas to help with my sensory overload and if it is something my therapist can do with me and let me know so i can ask laura to try those things.

I have always couldn't stand the feeling of pencils in my hand and it irritates me. but what could i tell her about that?
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Re: The sensory therapist is teaching me techniques,here ideas-

Postby abi » Wed May 18, 2011 2:29 pm

thanks for posting this, i have thought about sensory thera a few times, but was to scared about what it would involve.

another one i have used myself, and have found helps is a paddling pool full of beads from a beanbag/conkers/tennisballs/any type of ball or small items. just sit or lie in it, and move around, while doing something else, like reading, drawing, or talking to someone.

if the feeling of a pencil in your hand bothers you, tell her directly. im sure at some point in the session, she will invite comments or questions from you and anyone with you. if you dont want to ask her directly, maybe ask whoever goes with you to the sessions to say for you.
the way i see it, dyspraxia is an extra hurdle in every race i run, but that extra hurdle, is just extra exercise, so in the end, i will come through stronger.
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