what bothers me

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what bothers me

Postby carebear15 » Mon May 23, 2011 5:29 pm

work on gravity and weighted to calm body down.

smell- strong smells of tuna,stuff burning,food.

hearing- storms,loud noises,sirens,police car and fire engine,loud music,people yelling,sounds.

loud tv,yelling,cussing,people being loud. sensory overload

processing words or what is being said and process words and getting what i want to say out loud.
trying to answer questions.
upset easily when can't do what is expected of me.
change upsets me.
I like things a certain way and not changed on me.
clothing that is scratchy,too tight or too loose.
i can't stand the wood touching me when it has bumpy and wrist hurts when touching it.

materials irraitate me.

i can't stand my finger that is double jointed it irritating and i don't use it that i know of.

my hands get tired easily.

work on weighted stuff
swinging to calm down
work on sensory vestibular and other things and in all areas .
calming techniques
tactile techniques
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