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Can some explain more about Aspergers syndrome?

Fri Jul 29, 2011 11:52 pm

Well someone at church the other day someone was talking to my Mum and she asked if I have aspergers syndrome, my mum said no and the person said my mum should talk to the GP because her friend has aspergers and I apparently act alot like her.

But anyway-

So next thursday I'm going to the GP to pick up a doctors note (for my GCSE's so I can get extra time I need a doctors note) then to the clinic where I will see someone, I'm not sure what will happen.

So can anyone who knows tell me what might happen when I see the person at the clinic? And maybe also explain exactely what aspergers is? I don't know much about it.

Re: Can some explain more about Aspergers syndrome?

Sat Jul 30, 2011 9:46 am

I'm not exactly sure what will happen at the clinic as I was diagnosed with Aspergers when I was 8 and so the diagnostic process mainly consisted of speaking to my parents and asking about my developmental history along with observing my behaviour so I'm not sure what the process is like for an older person.

Aspergers is a condition on the autistic spectrum where most people with it are of average or above average intelligence. People with Aspergers are verbal whereas someone with more classical autism may not be able to speak. It can cause difficulties with coping with change, a rigid adherence to routines (having to do the exact same routines each day), anxiety around social interactions, a literal understanding of language and sensory issues-eg, being under or over sensitive to any or all of the 5 senses. This is just a brief overview of Aspergers and obviously the condition varies from person to person but those are the basic things that most people with AS have in common. I hope you find some answers.

Re: Can some explain more about Aspergers syndrome?

Sat Jul 30, 2011 4:21 pm

When I was assessed, I got a questionair in the post. Then my parents got a letter or something (I never saw it since I was in a different town, so I'm not sure exactly what it was) asking about my childhood development. Finally, I had an interveiw with a psychiatrist who specialises in aspergers in adults, and he explained to me at the end of the interveiw exactly what he was putting in the notes at the end and why.

Re: Can some explain more about Aspergers syndrome?

Mon Oct 17, 2011 10:58 am

Aspergers (pronounced hard g not j) is part of the Autistic Spectrum but not as severe as some people with autism. Aspergers children can fit in to a certain degree with mainstream children but will not get facial expression, sad, happy etc, - probably wont interact too well with their peers and stay on the periphery of everything - will not get any kind of comparative language ie raining cats and dogs - they will think actual cats and dogs are falling.
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