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Overly sensitive?

Mon Sep 19, 2011 11:12 pm

Well firstly hi folks I'm new here. :D

So I thought I'd ask people here, is anyone else rather over sensitive?

What I mainly mean by this is how you feel if you've annoyed someone or you've done something wrong? Obviously I do get quite a few little things wrong, I'm very forgetful and so I'll forget to pack things someone has asked me to or forget what I'm meant to be doing etc. My girlfriend is very good about it but sometimes she can lose her patience a bit but I don't blame her.

For example last night we stayed over at some friends for a takeaway, Dvds, catching up sort of thing. Anyway she'd parked up outside their house and I suppose the understand was I was getting the stuff out of the car (like pillows and blankets and her wash bag). She's the driver and she'd gone into the house while some friends came to the car to help me carry things, I just handed them all the blankets and stuff from the back seats. Since she'd gone in I was trying to take her car keys out of the ignition. I was struggling to get them out, one of my friends was suggesting which way to turn it and such but they weren't budging. My girlfriend came back and got them out(straight away...pfft haha) and we all just walked inside. I'd totally forgotten all the stuff in the boot, which was mainly hers. Because the road needed a pass to park there after 8am we moved the car two streets down to a proper car park with electronic gates. It wasn't until like midnight when we were sorting stuff out she asked me and obviously I was confused and wasn't sure what she meant..then released yeah all this stuff was in the boot she needed, she was very cross with me. She went to the car with someone else but they couldn't get the things as the doors didn't open past midnight. So she came back and obviously wasn't in a good mood and didn't sit next to me any more. I didn't think she wanted me to talk to her really so I just sat there, but when someone is angry at me I get very upset very easily and had to go and sit in the bathroom for a few minutes because I couldn't keep a straight face. I came back and sat down but I knew it was obvious I was being quiet as I'm usually too noisy as I talk a lot and I'm not so good at judging volume at times. My girlfriend was still at the other side of the room and when I glanced she wasn't looking at me and I felt I couldn't drag her into another room as there wasn't a lot of space with about 10 people in what was a quite small room. So I just sort of sat there again but I felt myself going again so I had to sit in the bathroom for a few more minutes. I heard them wondering why I was in there so long but they didn't realise why, one of them came to see if I was okay but I just lied and said yeah I was fine I'd just be a minute. They just think of me as the lovable clumsy guy, they're not really aware of what dyspraxia is, I might have mentioned it in passing once but not really. I think he sort of knew I was sitting in there because something was wrong though.

Now that's one example, but even much lesser things can make me upset and any confrontation and I'll start crying, which is a bit embarrassing for a guy at 20, but I just can't help it I seem to get uncontrollably upset. If shouting is involved I'll be really bad and for example a while back one of my friends had a bit of an argument with me and I had to just suddenly hug her and cry into her neck apologising because I always need comfort if shouting is going on and I just want it to stop.

WOAH bit of an essay for my first thread! But if you've managed to read all that then well done haha.

Re: Overly sensitive?

Tue Sep 20, 2011 9:39 am

I can be quite sensitive at times :| I can‘t bear to think that someone dislikes or thinks badly of me. It makes me cry :oops:

Re: Overly sensitive?

Tue Sep 20, 2011 11:57 am

Hi, welcome to the forum

Sorry to hear what happened yesterday ~ I hope that you and your girlfirend are now talking to each other.

I can get quite upset if i have annoyed/upset someone and also get upset if i done something wrong. I also cant stand shouting, it seems that shouthing 'hurts my brain'.

Re: Overly sensitive?

Tue Sep 20, 2011 10:48 pm

wadey wrote:Hi, welcome to the forum

Sorry to hear what happened yesterday ~ I hope that you and your girlfirend are now talking to each other.

I can get quite upset if i have annoyed/upset someone and also get upset if i done something wrong. I also cant stand shouting, it seems that shouthing 'hurts my brain'.

i can't stand shouting either, so if a teacher shouts at me I cant stand it and just have to get away somewhere quiet. I try my best not to get into any trouble, and luckily only a couple of times has a teacher propperely shouted at me. (obviously I have gotten into trouble much more, but the teacher will just ask me to stay behind at the end and not shout but use a stern tone)

and if I do something wrong I get upset and annoyed and cry...

Re: Overly sensitive?

Sat Oct 15, 2011 12:52 pm

I'm quite over sensitive, it's so easy to make me cry and it's actually a lot worse now that it has been for a long time, my boss at work has made me cry twice now which is SO embarrassing as I'm trying to be professional and do my job (which is all one massive drama anyway, so I'm quitting) and it just happen, I can tell my voice is cracking up and that my eyes are going blurry and I just start crying! it not just confrontation (which also makes me feel nauseous) but happy things now! On TV when there's a wedding or a baby is born, I find myself welling up, or when other people around me are upset/frustrated/annoyed I find myself feeling teary, it's awful.
I also find that I take more out of people's voices than they mean too, like I'll take my mum's tone as her being angry with me, when really just frustrated with the situation or something like that, but it'll upset me, or if my boyfriend snaps at me because something not working right (his car broke down the other day) and he's trying to do it, I'll feel really hurt and upset.

Re: Overly sensitive?

Mon Oct 17, 2011 10:41 am

Guys are just dumb sometimes, but don't take it to heart.

if he keeps acting this way just ask him, why are you being a jerk, and tell him that it does hurt your feelings. and then let him explain himself.

maybe he was just frustrated and took it out on you unintentionally,
or maybe he was being a jerk and he's just showing his true colors because the honeymoon portion of the relationship is over.

Re: Overly sensitive?

Mon Oct 24, 2011 11:28 am

if i get extremely angry i cry and i hate being shouted at like if a teacher shouts at me i shout back

Re: Overly sensitive?

Mon Oct 31, 2011 5:16 pm

If my Mum talks to me sternly it just makes me really want to run and get out of the room, it's like too much nonphysical force. On the rare occasions when teachers shout, I remember crying. But loads of people do that. And yeah I am sensitive. People think of me as the lovable clumsy girl and when I forget instructions and I say it's dyspraxia they're like, well try harder then. Silly people. And yeah sorry to the boys but I think you can be unintentially mean a little more often than girls are. But I doubt they actually mean any harm. Maybe it's because girls voices sound less threatening? Or guys are less giggly and chatty? I dunno. And yeah I litrally never fall out with friends. I just gradually avoid them instead, I'm always the neutral person when friends argue.

Re: Overly sensitive?

Tue Nov 29, 2011 9:19 pm

wow this is actually me when my friend texts me and jokes with me like i will take what he said literaly and he will be like you are sensative and i hate being shouted at or if i think my firiend is mad at me i will mider them until they give me a straight answer no im not mad at you or yes i am which ends up with me apoligising like loads i no i sound mad lol

Re: Overly sensitive?

Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:51 pm

Hi, I'm new here too, just registered.

and *sigh* you just described me there as well. That's exactly what I would do in that situation. I've had many things like that through my school life and recently at college I've started a new relationship, but my boyfriend is going through a rough patch in his life, and basically he keeps telling me not to worry about stuff but I'm taking everything to heart and I told him how I feel and he's very sorry that I feel like this. It's like when something like that happens and you think oh God is it me, what have I done to upset them, and you convince yourself that you have done something, even if you might have done something but 99% of the time you won't mean to, and you get that awful feeling you need to cry, but you have to go and hide because no one will understand why you're crying. and if you try to explain you think people will think you sound stupid because they don't get it, they're not as sensitive as you are.

Re: Overly sensitive?

Thu Feb 02, 2012 2:25 am

I've been very much like this in the past, I like to think I'm not so much anymore but I suppose I would still class myself as quite a sensitive person. Sometimes I get completely overwhelmed by a situation, especially if someone is angry or upset with me and I just break down and cry. I often don't know how to respond to them and this frustrates them even further, which I can understand.

Re: Overly sensitive?

Sun Feb 05, 2012 10:51 am

Another sensitive thing about me is if too much is going on. So if there are lots of people around all talking my head hurts and in the end I have to leave the room and go sit somewhere quiet.

Another example this year is that I have been placed in a science set which is not the set I was expecting, so this upset me alot and I'm moving house and loads of things that are different (only if something small like something being taken out of my room) really upsets and recently with so many different things I find myself often wanting to cry at school. But if I did cry no one would understand what I was so upset about because they dont see how sensitive Iam.
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