Does everybody here hate PE?

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Re: Does everybody here hate PE?

Postby _robyn_ » Thu Apr 19, 2012 11:28 pm

I like P.E at 1 primary school i went to. My teacher was dyspraxic so it made ALL the difference. She let me be captain of some teams even though I wasnt good at all.
I was even put on the football team, because although I wasnt very good I tried to my teacher said I deserved to atleast be a sub. Which I was, so I was very happy because I had never been picked for a team before.

then came secondary school....-.-
Netball made me want to just never go to p.e ever again! there are just so many people, and when you catch the ball (if in my case) you cant move and I always fell over. I hated it. Then this year, we no longer do netball but we yoga! It was so embarassing, my teacher kept saying "No one should be wobbling on one leg! Stop mucking about." And it really got me down.

I think this term we do swimming- My worst sport. I absolutely despise swimming. Not only am I rubbish swimmer, I had a massive fear of water when I was little and I still dont like it. Plus, I just hate it! I'm dreading going swimming....
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Re: Does everybody here hate PE?

Postby Dyspraxic bear » Wed Feb 13, 2013 7:36 pm

I use to have a huge fear of water I thought I would drown if my facedtouch water but now I love it I get so mac and sad when the teacher praises the kid who has special coaching for doing a fancy pivot when I can't throw stait people tell me to stop messing around when I miss the ball twice and when I throw wonky ( always) as if I doit on purpose I always smtne last to. Get on the bench in bench all so have to do an accurate 4 m throw so I always miss and my team scream I am nearly always on the losing team mainly due to me my score is 1/20 times I win people say I'm rubbish behind my back and the teacher says the reason I'm not do good. Is due to negative thinking no one knows I' m dyspraxic but me and my best slash only true friend I told no one else but sometimes now she takes me off to give me extra helpihate anything with a ball and either whack toward or off target or miss completely on table tennis sorry for ranting
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Re: Does everybody here hate PE?

Postby Bruce » Sun Sep 29, 2013 5:08 pm

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Re: Does everybody here hate PE?

Postby BethanyGillam » Wed Oct 02, 2013 9:25 pm

I always loved pe :) just try and enjoy it. If you can walk you can run. If you can swing your arm you can play tennis. If you can jump you can skip. Just be determined. Theres no need to hate sonething you may be good at one day
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Re: Does everybody here hate PE?

Postby Paddington » Sat Oct 05, 2013 5:29 pm

Ok to say I hate P.E is minor compared to reality I loathe most of the subject I can run ok and I can skip that's it I can do theory and can even bowl (if I am lucky) but anything that involves catching, balls and bats then you had better duck and I mean duck some sports like hockey are easy it usually results in a scrum and all you have to do is run in swinging a hockystick and you will be guaranteed to hit something at least.

However if you have ever seen me play volley ball well lets just say don't I am more likely to hit a teacher than get it over a net it is horrible its just in front of you but you cant hit it and its tricky when you do and then everyone is like Uh I hate you , you just lost us the game!

However the worst sport by far the one I will do anything to get out of is tennis The dreaded tennis. Tennis is the MOST REVOLTING MOAST DISCUSTING MOAST EVIL GAME ON THE INTIRE PLANNET !!!!!! I HATE TENNIS whenever our P.E teacher tells us we are doing tennis something inside me clicks and I cower back and my misery for the day is complete as well as dyspraxia I have problems with tracking, processing speed and I am long sited and don't generally wear my glasses when playing because I break them enough already and have giant feet compared to my small body Yes I can run but asking me to hit a tennis ball is like getting a cat to become best friends with a dog. highly unusual. My friend has to tell me to kill the ball before I even have the slightest chance of hitting it and then it is either out of the court we are playing on or out of the tennis court all together landing on the window of the 6th form block , the science block and everywhere apart from where its supposed to go .Ok lets put it this way if I ever went to hell my torture would be spending all day playing tennis and doing graphs. Ok so once we have got over the idea I cant hit we come to the part where you have to form a group and play as about 7 of you on 1 team if you ever want a defeat pick me everyone gets really annoyed and I cant do any better because I am so stressed from trying to play my best tennis (yes hitting the ball 1/10 times is my best tennis) then I still have the chronic fatigue syndrome which even though I get much less tired now still affects me and so I am so tired after playing tennis I cant concentrate on anything else.

BethanyGillam wrote:I always loved pe :) If you can walk you can run. If you can swing your arm you can play tennis. If you can jump you can skip.

As much as I admire you attitude that we can all do it Bethany I will never be good at sports I would personally re fraze it to If you can walk you can run regardless of how often you trip over if you can jump try skipping hopefully you will stop falling over in time if you can swing your arm that is absolutely no proof you can play tennis.
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Re: Does everybody here hate PE?

Postby Conor » Wed Jan 29, 2014 3:20 pm

P.E was a like / hate for me it just depended on the class I was in my earlier years put in classes with ppl who bullied me all the time and didn't enjoy I would also get made fun of my poor skills in pe i.e accuracy in throwing, catching etc

but in the later years luck changed and i was in with some of my friends and it became a nice break from the stress and worries of exams especially 5th year where my school did this get fit for weekend where you could do activities outside the school such as the aberdeen sports village gym which was great as it just my friends and I
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Re: Does everybody here hate PE?

Postby nataliekirkland » Wed Jan 29, 2014 6:07 pm

I liked some parts of PE, but hated most of it. Most of the time when I got to GCSE level, it wasn't so bad as you had a choice over the sports you did so I could avoid the worst sports. Unfortunately, and much to my annoyance, the summer term of year 10 we had a list of choices, my order was something like:
Trampolining (I do this outside of school and I enjoy it)
Sports leaders (going to local primary schools and teaching the kids in PE lessons, I didn't think I'd be much good but I though I wouldn't have to do much actual PE)
Badminton/ rounders/ tennis/ cricket (all level as I hate all of them)
Somehow I ended up doing badminton, even though it was so low on my list and we only did one sport for the entire term. I was rubbish, and as I wasn't with my friends I tried to put off finding a partner for as long as possible, and then only reluctantly ask to join someone else. I used to hope for rain every week as at least then we would be doing bench ball in the sports hall where I could at least be with me friends. One week, I managed to persuade my mum to write me a note saying I'd injured my foot and couldn't do PE. Ironically that was the one week it rained and we were doing bench ball anyway
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