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Gah. You would think after 21 years (almost) ...

Fri Jan 06, 2012 6:33 pm

Right. I want to see what people think and whether or not I am being entirely unreasonable here.

You would think after nearly 21 years my mum would finally get the message that wearing dresses and tights is my idea of hell. I can wear tunic tops with legging sand I find they "muffle" the effect of any fabric flapping against skin. However if I wear dresses, I feel like I am being repeatedly wacked with a pin on a string dangling near my legs. And tights just feel too "close" to my skin and feel itchy at the back of my legs. I also am aware with a dress you don't get the option of pulling up your top so you dont feel your neck is being dragged down to the floor with string.

Reason why this has come up. I am becoming more and more entertained with the idea with the thought of quite a large party (bloody hell i hear you gasp) as I feel it would by nice as i have quite alot of close friends at both uni and home. I have never had as far as i can remember a big party because i hated the idea of inviting people i hardly knew (until i went to uni I had quite a close but small friendship group) and things getting beyond my control/going a bit mad.

However, I recently went to a close friends 21st and it has shown me it didnt have to be that way. everyone was just standing around chatting, lots of food and drink, nostalgia and speeches. Which got me thinking. I don't necessarily need a disco but i have got into just dance and it feels less weird making a fool out of myself with that than IRL dancing in front of friends. A family member also has a projector they would probably be able to bring. I was thinking of keeping it quite big but not taking itself too seriously at the same time- thinking 90's kids party finger food here and bouncy slide at a very small village hall equiv. of where we live (familiar) as I have people I would love to invite from 7-84.

I have even offered to pay for a good portion of it as a compromise but my mum is saying her compromise would for me to wear a dress, personally I couldn't think of anything worse to make me feel uncomfortable for the whole night - even when I wore a dress at my prom i rushed home after 2 hours faking a headache as it was getting on my tits so much (sorry).

Is it so very unreasonable now that I feel confident now to celebrate my 21st in this way that I dont wear a dress.

GAH. :mrgreen:

When will the women learn... :/

Re: Gah. You would think after 21 years (almost) ...

Sat Jan 07, 2012 7:02 pm

Have you considered wearing a dress with leggings? I can't manage tights so wear leggings instead, and they feel much nicer.

Re: Gah. You would think after 21 years (almost) ...

Sat Jan 07, 2012 10:57 pm

I would. And it went over her head and she didn't acknowledge it!

Re: Gah. You would think after 21 years (almost) ...

Mon Jan 09, 2012 6:06 pm

I often wear black leggins with a dress for a night out and they look nice no different to tights or a nice skirt even with them.
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