Project on dyspraxia

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Project on dyspraxia

Postby _robyn_ » Wed Jan 11, 2012 11:41 pm

We are starting our english projects, it is a 25 page project of somethings that insterests us and is personal.

So i put many ideas down, but my teacher said couldnt do horror movies because she didnt want to see the pictures and I would probably end up in counceling. :p

So I'm doing dyspraxia, but part of my projects is to interview other people with dyspraxa.

I hope this ok but I might be posting alot about this projects it is 6 weeks worth of work, and the main apart is of course how dyspraxia has affected people.

So if it is ok, maybe some people could post how dyspraxia effected them and and wether it made you turn away from certain things. So maybe what job you and how dyspraxia affects that.

If it is ok, it would brilliant if with posting if you could mention name and age, just so I can get as much detail as I need. But you dont have to its fine :)

Final things- if anyone maybe has a big moment in their life where dyspraxia has really made them choose one things or the other. And if any wants they can PM instead of posting. :)
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Re: Project on dyspraxia

Postby Bri97 » Thu Jan 12, 2012 5:25 pm

Okay, well dyspraxa affects my co-ordination mainly. I struggle with ball games, tennis etc, struggle with throwing and catching. I also spiil stuff often, bump into people in the corridors and trip up, which really fustrates me. Aside from PE I can't do Textiles or Wood Tech. I am also over sensetive to sound- I dont like loud noises, and touch- I cant wear certain fabrics and have to have some labels cut out of clothing. It made me turn away from people- I really dont like sociallising and speaking in front of people, and I despise sport. I would appriciate if you didnt put my name but I am female and 14. Hope I helped.
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Re: Project on dyspraxia

Postby Kirbster12 » Thu Jan 12, 2012 7:24 pm

Great idea, Robyn!

My dyspraxia makes me trip down stairs, smash beakers in science, fail miserably at sports and art :), and I am still unable to tie my shoelaces. I'm also terrible about cleaning my room and organising my desk at school.

It also affected my GCSE choices. Textiles was definitely a no-go, as I was more than likely to lose a few fingers! My sense of direction is horrendous, and my memory is similar to that of a goldfish, which ruled out Geography. Sports was a disaster area already, so I wisely chose not to subject myself to more than absolutely necessary.

Just to add, I'm Alice and I'm 15....It'd be nice to be mentioned in a project :D
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Re: Project on dyspraxia

Postby 07williamsdj » Thu Jan 12, 2012 9:42 pm

Im Dan, im 15 years old. Dyspraxia mostly effects my co-ordination but it also think it indirectly affects my social skills. It also makes me terribly disorganized and forgetful. Co-ordination wise, it makes me extremely clumsy (to the extenet of braking myself and everything else lol), terrible balance, a lack of control of my limbs and makes catching things very hard.

As for affecting my choices, it affected my choice of secondary school, as my mum wanted me to go to one with a good senco department. It also affected my choice of GCSEs, PE wasn't an option for me to take and neither was art as I don't have a very steady hand.

I hope this helps, PM me if you have any questions or you need any other information.

Re: Project on dyspraxia

Postby Steph » Fri Jan 13, 2012 2:25 pm

I'm Steph and I'm 25. Dyspraxia mainly affects my coordination which people notice a lot, especially at work as I can't put duvets into duvet covers properly and walk into walls a lot. People always comment on how hard it is to read my handwriting as well and I was asked to email my key student's parents rather than write in her contact book as they couldn't read my handwriting! It also affects my organisation and short term memory-I'm one of those people who walks into a room and forgets what they walked in there for all the time! I also struggle to find specific items that are mixed in with other items like, for example, a keyring in a drawer with loads of other items.

Dyspraxia and Aspergers did affect my choice of secondary school as my secondary school was recommended by my child psychiatrist as it had a very good SEN department. It affected my GCSE options in that I was one of only 2 students in my year who were disapplied from doing a Technology subject at GCSE (the other student had cerebral palsy) and my difficulty in completing the Higher Tier Mock Papers in Geography and Science (I ran out of time as I wasn't entitled to extra time in the mocks, only the real thing) meant that I got moved down to Foundation Tier and so only achieved a C in both of these subjects when I was hoping for more.
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Re: Project on dyspraxia

Postby _robyn_ » Fri Jan 13, 2012 8:44 pm

Thanks for the help! :) I'm really excited about doing this project because it will get more awareness to my teachers on how dyspraxia does affect people in ways that not many people know And how a simple thing like having bad hand writing (like you have said steph) will change how you have to do things.
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Re: Project on dyspraxia

Postby wadey » Sat Jan 14, 2012 9:56 am

Im Lucy and Im 21. Dyspraxia affects my coordiation and also my speech which makes me a very shy and have a huge lack of self cofindent as my speech was a huge part of why i got bullied. My handwriting is not very good and one of my tutors last year noticed that when writing an 'a' in an odd way. I think that my dyspraxia have made me very determined,for instance as I like water I was determined to learn to swim. Certian mertials I can not wear as it makes me feel uncomfortable. When choosing a job I didn't want one which going to involve lots of lifiting and moving stuff as the fear of tripping and droping everything, one which required lots of cop-orditaion and idealy I didnt want one where I would have to speak loads. My short term memory is rubbish and am always forgetting things!

At school when we had P.E i would tend to bunk that lesson. when it came to G.C.S.E chooses dyspraxia did affect what I choose, sports was a no go. I didn't want lessons which required lots of handwiriting so I choose I.C.T as i figured out that we wouldn't need lots of handwiriting, when i was choosing my G.C.S.E I was lucky that my school was trying out some pre 16 courses, one of which was animal care so I also choose that as I got told that most of the things we be doing will be working with the animals, and if we not doing that then we be doing our work on the computers.
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Re: Project on dyspraxia

Postby emma » Sun Jan 15, 2012 9:00 pm

My dyspraxia affects my handwriting legiablity and speed, co-ordination, short term memory, tracking skills when reading.
when I was at school I had particular difficulties with PE (Throwing, Balancing, Jumping and Dance) Teachers would rush me to write more quickly.

My A-level choices were limited due to the volume of writing that would take place in exams I was not allowed to do History or English for this reason. I was determined to do these subjects and left that sixth form and went to a different one. The most frustrating thing for me has been that I have had to work much harder than my friends to achieve the same grades as them but this has meant I have achieved my goals.

I am in my first year as a primary school Teacher, in my job I find myself challanged by my dyspraxia PE lessons have to be throughly planned ensuring that I am able to demonstrate activities appropriately. I have difficulties when showing the children good handwriting and have had to teach myself proper handwriting.

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