Dyspraxia Foundation Helpline Suspended Petition!

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Dyspraxia Foundation Helpline Suspended Petition!

Postby Syrons » Wed Mar 14, 2012 6:47 pm

Hi everyone

I wonder if people could sign this petition, it would be great if everyone on here could please sign this petition.. I have been speaking to mother's with dyspraxic children, who repeatily say too me. How do i get any help, there is no phoneline to get any help. Dyspraxia Foundation is the main charity for Dyspraxia. I think it's outrageous that there isn't no helpline anymore. I believe the call centre should be either lottery funded or government funded. If you could sign this petition then maybe something could be done? Thanks Ian. :) If you even sticky this topic? this would be great.

The Dyspraxia Foundation is the only national charity in the UK working to support thousands of people affected by the condition each year. “We currently receive in excess of 10,000 telephone enquiries per year and over 15,000 emails” Dyspraxia foundation helps to indenitfy and understand the problem associated with dyspraxia. Its helps with diagnostics for people, help with everyday life, helps create support groups for dyspraxia people to meet each other.... Its website is the main source for families of sufferers, sufferers, employees and employers. The charity has no government grants, it relies solely upon memberships and donations. As of present has had to close its help lines because of funding cuts, it has had to launch a campaign to raise urgently needed funds so the charity can continue to work. Closing the helpline means its cut a crucial first point for many families desperate for information and support. I think this is wrong and something should be done.

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