what do you like th most and the least about your dyspraxia

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Re: what do you like th most and the least about your dyspraxia

Postby ben 10 » Mon Apr 09, 2012 2:51 pm

i agree with what most of you have put up there

i dislike the way i cant consentrate on wat people are saying to me somtimes and have to get them to repeat 2 or 3 time somtimes more cos it makes people think im just been an ignerant cnt. also the way i am for ever losing things including coats and jumpers that i take off and leave in peoples houses,cars restrants and other random places. somtimes i think that i should just attach everthing to me with string so its imposible to lose things. also the way that u cant just explain to people y u do and say the things that u do in 2 secs cos u need atleast an hour of conversation to explain dyspraxia as there are so many aspects to which come down to the individual person.

i love the fact that i have powerful daydreams inwhich i can think up wondful theroys and ideas that suprise me all the time which can frustrate me as i cant explain my ideas to cleary to people. i love the idea that i have probably fallen up the stairs more than people have fallen down them dont now y that makes me laugh though. i like the way that i can rember things people tell me along time ago that me alot to them and can bring it up in a conversation many years l8ter. i love the way i get myself into so unbeliveble situations that i half the time dont now how i get into and still come out alright.

P.S. theres no excuse for take a kip in ur lessons unless u av some medical conditions not sayin ive neva dun it :D
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