Dyspraxia and work

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Dyspraxia and work

Postby Rosie-posie » Fri Jun 29, 2012 9:26 pm

Hi guys long time no speak hope you're all well,
Well at the moment Im looking for another job as I had to re apply for my current post and I did,nt get it the head teacher said to me that I'd needed more support than TA's in the past apparently, and that affected their judgement.
My main issue is that I havent told anyone in my school that im dyspraxic, basically because I get too scared to tell people incase they dont understand. Its happened so much in the past that its made me so warey telling people.
Even the other day people were talking about dyslexia and I couldnt have the confidence to talk about my own personal experiences. I know a few of you are in work placements do you find it easy. When I want to talk about it I clam up and go really sweaty. Its not that im ashamed far from it infact im prud of myself for what ive overcome. Its really effecting my confidence and self asteem and im scared im going to get a bad reference. any help much apprieceated.
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Re: Dyspraxia and work

Postby Steph » Sat Jun 30, 2012 3:33 pm

I do mention my dyspraxia at work-I usually make a joke about it. If I am having a particularly clumsy day, for example, I will say that I'm having a dyspraxic day. My manager did comment to me recently that he had researched it online after first hearing me talk about it (although I work in a special school, dyspraxia is not common in our student group so he didn't know that much about it). What is it that you fear about telling them? Is it that you think they will think less of you as an employee for it? When I first revealed my dyspraxia to my manager on a previous unit 3 years ago, he was not very supportive of me at all before I told him as he just thought I was lazy and couldn't be bothered to complete tasks properly. Telling him about my dyspraxia was the best thing I could have ever done as he referred me to the Occupational Health adviser, I drew up a list of coping strategies and things began to improve. Now my standard of work is at least as good as my colleagues and better in some areas such as passing on details about students appointments. I think you have shown that you are an excellent TA from your previous position and it is 100% their loss for not keeping you on. I think it has reached the point where you need to tell them-you could either do this formally through the application process or informally. It shouldn't affect your job chances-I have always been open and honest about my difficulties and it's never stopped me-made me take the scenic route with a lot of goals but I got there in the end! I wish you the best of luck. If you want to talk, feel free to PM me.
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Re: Dyspraxia and work

Postby Rosie-posie » Sun Jul 01, 2012 2:41 pm

It mainly stems from when I was at uni and I had to drop qts because people werent understanding I got told shockingly that I was an adult and that I had to find my own coping strategies, and it made me scared cos I think in my head people are going to be the same.
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Re: Dyspraxia and work

Postby parnassus » Sun Jul 08, 2012 1:41 am

I agree with Steph.

When you tell someone that you have a disability, there is always going to be a risk that they'll judge you negatively. It happened to me. I had a job offer revoked because of it. (Illegal, but I was too young and unsure of myself to challenge it.) I was rejected from living in a certain student residence because of it. (I can't prove this one, but the fact that they told me that they had no rooms left when I mentioned that I was looking for somewhere autism-friendly to live made me suspicious, as they weren't a popular hall and I was applying very early. Later on I found out that they had plenty of rooms left from a student who was living there at the time.) The judgment of other people hurts, and it has consequences. Life is not always fair.

If you tell people, they might react badly...but there is also a very good chance that they will react well and offer you support. If you don't tell people, there is no chance at all that you will have any support. Looking at it logically, telling people is by far the safer thing to do, especially if you know from past experience that you can't hide your problems.

One piece of advice: look for jobs in schools that have a strong SEN department. If they're very understanding of dyslexic and dyspraxic pupils, they're more likely to be understanding of dyslexic and dyspraxic staff.
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Re: Dyspraxia and work

Postby C » Fri Jul 27, 2012 7:56 pm

I think the points Steph and Vicky make are very good ones. However, I must admit I'm more like you, Rosie. While on here, surrounded by people with similiar difficulties to myself, I am a bit more open than usual, in the 'real world' I am quite private about my difficulties unless 1. I feel really close to someone and tell them as a 'friend' 2. I think disclosure might benefit others or it just happens to come up in conversation (e.g. if other people are talking about dyspraxia or if someone said their child had it etc.) or 3. If I think people need to know (e.g. in a work situation like you are in). I think for me, because I was diagnosed very young (about 6) I just remember my whole childhood full of people worrying and fussing over me and people talking about me behind my back and knowing intimate details about me without me necessarily having consented. Now I'm older, I like to know that I make the decision, I I have/need/want to.

In your situation, if you feel that people should know about it, I'd recommend telling them. It doesn't have to be everyone, it could just be the select few who you feel should know. Maybe you could print some information about dyspraxia to show to people? I know it's difficult, I find talking about it hard too.
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Re: Dyspraxia and work

Postby in_the_shadows » Fri Jul 27, 2012 11:05 pm

I find it's all fine if I treat it as a bit of a joke, particuarly when I first mention it (I generally start of by mentioning the chicken run, it's awful but does tend to amuse people)... so you could just try and take it all less seriously at least when you start talking to people about it? They usually get the picture after a while. Luckily my boyfriend has dyspraxia too (and he's quite outspoken about it all) so everything which may have been a problem for me, he's already done (it makes things far easier), I guess the situation's a little different... but if you go to the dyspraxic events and stuff, you can usually find quite supportive people (who're often quite helpful with the whole telling people/getting help thing). I haven't known about it for very long though, so I may well not have experienced the same sort of issues. Good luck anyway. x
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Re: Dyspraxia and work

Postby DyspraxicTechie » Sat Nov 17, 2012 4:24 am

I tend to tell potential employers because if I get the Job and I mess up they might be more understanding

but yes I agree with you a lot of people dont know what it is my favourite one is " I have dyspraxia " " oh you mean dyslexia" "yes I do have Dyslexia but mainly it is Dyspraxia !! If I meant Dyslexia I would of said it wouldnt I as I know what "problems" I have "

lol x Please dont let it get you down as it says in my signature I ENJOY having dyspraxia Dyslexia and ADHD because I feel that if I suffer it has beaten me !! and it wont
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