Major update.

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Major update.

Postby k9ruby » Sat Nov 03, 2012 7:08 pm

Hi all :)

Apologies for not being around much this year, a lot has been happening in my life recently!

For those that don't know already, my elderly lab 'Archie' was put to sleep last year (May 20th) at the age of almost 13 due to severe HD, deafness, blindness, incontinence and canine dementia. I was heartbroken as you can probably imagine.

Luckily a new pup came into my life in May this year, a border collie x lab (working type) called Betsy. Betsy is now 5 months old and growing at the speed of light!

A very close family friend who I cannot name online due to legal reasons is having a hard time. I understand Helen/Matt/Darren if you wish to remove the next bit.

I would of found the last year very hard to get through without her and have decided to start the Bring Millie Home campaign- more info coming...I am in talks with a major radio station and Kong are helping to get the word out.

A very close family friend of ours recently has had a major trauma in her life. Let’s say it’s very complicated and has left her in a very vulnerable financial situation having uprooted her three kids and moved continent with her before it happened & became homeless in the process
All sounds, yes a shame, happens all the time, but it gets a tad more complicated than that. I'll call her ‘A’. Sorry if it sounds vague & confusing, but don't know how much info is allowed to come out.

In this time, 'A' visited a local rescue as they had recently picked up a abandoned malnourished & neglected lab x shar pie x ridgeback that was looking for a home and particularly at risk.

‘A’ went to the rescue with the view of helping out and walking her before work in a bid to give her a reason to get about the house but ‘A’ soon fell in love with Millie.

Despite Millie initially being extremely nervous of new people and felt she couldn't leave her.

Despite her difficulties Millie’s needs were always prioritized, to the point where ‘A’ would worry about the financial impact of routine grocery shopping, but her kids loved her. ‘A’ and Millie became very close, having worked to gain her trust back in people having being used to being abused on a daily basis- this was obvious due to Millie’s extreme reaction to any voice that was even fractionally raised.

‘A’ insisted that Millie didn’t even seem to be need to be trained, she fitted in with her day to day life and was naturally well behaved, they slept in bed together and on the furniture and was generally an angel. (‘A’ even felt guilty for having to collar her!)

A’s personal circumstances deteriorated and she had nowhere to go, having lost her home and had no option but to return to the UK to build a new future for her and her children. A friend who walked her dog with A offered to take Millie as the dogs had become friends, A was heartbroken to say goodbye to Millie but knew it was kinder to leave her with her fellow doggy friend that put her through the long flight.

Last week A received a message saying that Millie has had a lovely few months but the lady is now going travelling around Europe and unless Millie returns to the UK she'll have to go back to the rescue centre, which she is very aware is bursting at the seams.

Although she can care for her she can't afford the airfare to bring her home and has to start again but she desperately wants Millie back in her life . Millie helped 'A' come back from a dark place and was there when she needed someone and they were there for each other. She doesn’t want to let her down...

The Millie fund has been set up to reunite an inseparable couple- can you help?

Raise awareness- please like and share this page:

I understand if no-one wishes to get involved, but if you do, we really appreciate it.
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Re: Major update.

Postby Remus » Tue Nov 13, 2012 2:10 am

Hello Ruby, it's nice to hear about how things are going. :)

I'm so sorry to hear about Archie, my condolences. However, I'm glad to hear about your new pup, Betsy. She sounds adorable! :D

Aww... what a emotional story! I wish I could donate but right now, I'm still waiting to get paid but hopefully I will be able to donate soon. :) I'll certainly share the story around though in the meanwhile.
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Re: Major update.

Postby lalacurf121 » Thu Mar 16, 2017 4:34 am

I'll certainly share the story around though in the meanwhile.
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