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Postby monkey » Fri Jun 10, 2005 8:29 am

i was wondering if any one had any information on social and comunication issues faced by peopel with Dyspraxia... im curious.
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Postby parnassus » Fri Jun 10, 2005 9:19 am

The Dyspraxia Foundation has published the following list of symptoms:

Speech and language

May talk continuously and repeat themselves. Some people with dyspraxia have difficulty with organising the content and sequence of their language.

May have unclear speech and be unable to pronounce some words.

Speech may have uncontrolled pitch, volume and rate.

Emotion and behaviour

Difficulty in listening to people, especially in large groups. Can be tactless, interrupt frequently. Problems with team work.

Difficulty in picking up non-verbal signals or in judging tone or pitch of voice in themselves and or others. Tendency to take things literally. May listen but not understand.

Slow to adapt to new or unpredictable situations. Sometimes avoids them altogether.

Impulsive. Tendency to be easily frustrated, wanting immediate gratification.

Tendency to be erratic and have 'good' and 'bad' days. Tendency to opt out of things that are too difficult.

I have also found that poor short-term memory impinges on the ability to communicate lucidly and coherently. As I forget what I have said seconds after saying it, I have a tendency to repeat myself often. It also means that I frequently fail to distinguish between speech and thought - I can't remember whether I spoke something aloud or merely thought it. For this reason, I often leap into a conversation with a totally irrelevant sentence, assuming that I've been speaking aloud all along. I had difficult explaining this to one of my teachers - she became very concerned because she thought it showed a lack of theory of mind, which hints at possible Asperger's syndrome.
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Postby monkey » Sun Jun 12, 2005 11:45 am

thank you very much that was very helpful and interesting. memorie is something that i have problems with. could you please tell me more about that aspect of Dyspraxia?
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