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Autistic Pride Day...

Fri Jun 17, 2005 12:52 pm

...falls tomorrow, on Saturday 18th June.

This is very short notice, but I know that there are many members of these forums whose dyspraxia is laced with autistic traits. The organisers of Autistic Pride Day (www.autisticprideday.com) list dyspraxia as a full-blooded autistic spectrum disorder, which is an unusual standpoint to take - but, in my opinion, totally accurate. The purpose of the day is to celebrate being different and to make a stand against groups such as Cure Autism Now.

It's too late to organise a spectacular event, but as I go about my day I will make a point of informing at least one person of how happy I am to be me - difficulties and all. If I don't get the chance to do that, I will just spend a few quiet moments reflecting on the advantages of being different-minded.
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