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Postby fuzzy » Fri Aug 19, 2005 3:08 pm

Yeah my sis went there earlier this year and iv seen all the photos... also, after watching LOTR i was just amazed- its soooo pretty! (Just like Scotland :D )

Yeah well its the South Island that I wanna see, but I'll prob spend a month in each..... who knows?
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Postby monkey » Fri Aug 19, 2005 11:41 pm

the north island is brillieant to. it has somethings that the south ilsand doesnt, including i line of volcanos with gysers, hot pools of water and mud pools in between. if you go to rotorua for instance its good to know not to stand on yellow grass becuase theres heat coming up from under the ground and a gyser could explode at any time. i was at a park out side the hospital where a gyser had exploded a few days befor, higher than the hospital roof which is on top of a hil with the park in the valy. every now and then you see a story on the news where some ones back yard has gone up and people in the area have to be moved. i know about the yellow grass becuase we were told not to stand on it when we went on a feild trip to rotorua. they generly know where abouts they are going to go up and thats why they have lots of parks there but its not the most predictible thing. and i live in Tauranga which is built in peices of land that jut out souronded by esterys and rivers, and the ocean. its almost difficult to get a house that doesnt ither live walking distance from some kind of water or have a water view. that said tauranga grows larger and larger and ugler and ugler and now there even making these funny roads on polls. taugaranga has been the fastest growing pleace in new zealand for years and i live in the fastes growing place in tauranga. it was once mostly farm land and now every day houses grow up becuase every one wants to live here. they want to get all sick and old and die here becuiase they like dieing in a prity place.
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Postby mattie » Sat Aug 20, 2005 12:31 am

i live in Tauranga

Yes I've heard about Tauranga - it's quite a small city (by UK standards) of about 100,000. I think I'm right in saying that Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton and Tauranga are the large cities/towns on the North Island. I've researched Tauranga a bit and yes the population has exploded massively in the last 2 or 3 decades (and is increasing faster than any other town/city in NZ - nationwide the population increase is actually pretty small). Looks quite a nice place to live from the pictures I've seen.

The North Island generally looks nice - you'd never be far from lovely scenery but at the same time there's probably a bit more life there than say the South Island which is very sparsely populated (but nice to visit).

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Postby monkey » Sat Aug 20, 2005 1:10 am

the south island is very buitiful, my cosins live an hour from christchurch. and you can see the southen elps. one time i went down there there had been a big fire and all the grass was balck. another time i went it had been flodding and the rivers hwere overflowing. kikora is very nice if you go to the south ilsnad. and quenst town.
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Postby tujunga » Sat Aug 20, 2005 4:19 pm

eyeball226 wrote:[b][color=lime]I have a couple of obsessions at the moment:

    Black Books(the TV program)

    The Incredible String Band


Black books aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh :o :o :o :D :D :D :D

I love that program

I watched it in my cousin's friend's house on dvd

and would love to know where to get it

do you watch on tv or video/dvd?
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Re: Obsessions

Postby megscullen97 » Mon Apr 16, 2012 12:41 pm

growing up people found me weird for getting obssessions. i have recently just comming from my obssession of Harry Potter and now going back to my old obssession of Titanic. weird huh? My Mum always laughs at my silly obssessions...and if i'm honest i would too, if i wasn't so serious on them. growing up i had an obssession with disney. WOOH go disney and later found out that walt disney showed signs of having dyspraxia.
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