Broken banister

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Broken banister

Postby Scarlett » Sat May 18, 2013 3:57 pm

I went down the stairs to check on my dog Ruby and when I went back up I somehow broke a banister of the stairs and hit my head on the wall and almost fell off the stairs...I texted Mum about it and she was more concerned about my head than the banister thankfully. And I have a bad throat, not the best weekend so far!
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Re: Broken banister

Postby chocolatefudgecake » Sat May 18, 2013 7:41 pm

I'm glad she was more worried about your head than the banister. The banister is replaceable. You are not.

I hope you're throat gets better and you're weekend does too.
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Re: Broken banister

Postby Steph » Sun May 19, 2013 11:24 am

I hope your head and throat get better soon.
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Re: Broken banister

Postby Remus » Thu May 23, 2013 9:50 pm

I'm glad she was worried about you and not the broken banister. I hope you recover soon and that your head and throat feels better soon.
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Re: Broken banister

Postby wadey » Mon May 27, 2013 8:01 am

Glad your mum was concerned about you and not the bainster. Hope you feel better soon.
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