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loosing weight

Sun Jan 26, 2014 7:54 am

hi guys I want to try & loose weight. :)

So do you have any tips on how to loose weight? :)

Thanx Cam

Re: loosing weight

Sun Jan 26, 2014 4:08 pm

Well at the moment loosing weigh for most people would not be a good idea, however if your serious then:
Avoid the calorie free stuff and such like most of them are scams and ridiculous and expensive and just not worth it.
What ever you think don't substitute sugary snacks and drinks for fruit and smoothies although fruit is good the amount of intrinsic sugar such as fructose and dextrose in fruit is large. A glass of coke has more sugar in it than your average fruit smoothie. And the same goes for a glass of milk.
Eat more carbohydrates and bulky food such as bread and pasta.
Swap bigger plates for smaller pates which makes the amount of food your eating look big and fools your brain into thinking you have eaten more than you actualy have.
exercise more and basically eat healthily.

Hope this helps
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