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Struggling to get any motivation to work

PostPosted: Sun Feb 23, 2014 1:12 am
by arandomginger
So me being in year 11, I have exams rapidly approaching. I have unbelievably supportive parents who have done all they can to make this easy and organised. The flip-side of this is that I do the scheduled work for about a day and then regress to sitting there watching TV. I lack the motivation to do anything unless there is a short term goal (gaming is a prime example).
I often don't try revising because when I have done previously and it got me nowhere, so i just sit there, doing nothing all day. I often leave the house on a bike ride every weekend day, it often helps to clear my head, but then i get a little depressed about my inefficiency and then, you guessed it, I don't do any work for the rest of the day. I enjoy my life, but i know in the back of my head that i won't if i don't work.
Socially I have used my awkwardness to good effect, i often 'kill' jokes, so i created an act. Unfortunately social skills went with 90% of my body which is fat (exaggeration).
Finally as many of you do, you struggle with misunderstanding teachers. I have one teacher who pressures me and throttles me, there is another kid in the class who has problems (much more severe than me) who gets get out of jail free cards for anything he doesn't do well in. Now this is not me having beef with him, its just that the peddle is never released, even after jumping through hoops to attempt get 1 break.
So yay for me, I have exams, prom and am struggling with weight problems (my own fault :?) and all I want to do is sit at home, in my room and watch tv. Motivation level-0

Do me a favour if you have some form of advice that would remotely help in your opinion, put in the reply place in the down there

Re: Struggling to get any motivation to work

PostPosted: Sun Feb 23, 2014 3:27 pm
by Paddington
admittedly that's why I am on here after spending all of yesterday on geography and I am supposed to be doing German right now but I have a few tips that seem to have worked for my siblings

1 incentives- is there a food you really like? buy it and then tell yourself if you have done so much revision you will get some of it. If you get your parents to regulate this not yourself then it is way more motivational. around exam time our house is normally filled with chocolate crisps and drinks because it is a great motivator. Also revise whilst eating the food.

2 make it fun. Listen to music, dance around, do it in your pyjamas what ever makes it more fun for you. The more you enjoy revision the more you will learn. After all linking all star wars characters and events to people and events involved in the 2nd world war will make revision far more interesting and instructive ( just make sure in your exam you don't put down that the Jedi temple burnt down and that the trade federation were blamed in a question about the burning down of the Reichstag) .change around names so they sound funny ( e.g. I remember mesophyll as a Mesopotamian man called Phil) the more you laugh and enjoy revision the more likely you are to do it.

3 whoever said no watching TV? make sure you take regular breaks and yes watch TV. is there some cutting out you could do whilst watching TV? or if you are revising for a language watch a movie in the language. Or maybe just take a bit of time to chill out and de stress. More will sink in if you spend some time chilling out instead of revising when you are all stressed out. Mabie watch documentary's or programmes on the topic but make sure you have time to have fun. If you choose to have this time then make sure you have a subject you enjoy afterwards as you will be more willing to get off the couch and do it.

4 goals set yourself goals like I want to get a B in maths then when you are procrastinating ask yourself do you want to get that.. or not? it really helps also for those hated teachers it would be amazing if you could prove them wrong.
also I find watching this video on the science of procrastinating really helps:

I cant give advice on the rest as frankly I suck at social skills and other things. But get your parents to talk to annoying teachers at parents evening when it is tricky to ignore it and they have to answer for all the help your not being given. hope this helps. Paddington.

Re: Struggling to get any motivation to work

PostPosted: Mon Nov 21, 2016 9:22 am
by Pokemoneiei
Thanks for the info