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Tue Feb 21, 2006 7:35 pm

I used my laptop in class from my diagnosis onwards. The teachers weren't very accommodating, though. I was supposed to be seated near a plug socket and only one teacher actually made sure that no one else took my seat.

I had my laptop from year 9 onwards, as we didn't know i could of got it instead of handwriting. I use it for virtually every lesson and it is a godsend!!!!

My writing speed is so bad (15 words per minute) and the fact that i can type soooo much faster (normally around 30-60 words per minute), the fact that i found transfering what was on the white board to paper and the fact i find handwriting really painful, along with a 'death grip' on my pens/pencils basically made the decision!

it is a bit heavy, but i get used to it, and it is definatly worth it because i don't know what i would every do without it !!

I also get 25% extra time, and for the first time EVER in year nine i managed to complete my english exam paper !!!!!!!!!!1

I also use it for diagroms if it can be done with autoshapes.
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