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wierd frendship

PostPosted: Tue Mar 14, 2006 7:59 pm
by Joss1991
my friend is annoyed at me because i answer the questions in class and she says im not giving anyone else (meaning her ) a chance but lots of my class dont want to be seen as clever as they think its not cool.She takes things slow and steady so she losses the answer sometimes and says it straight after me. but what am i suppossed to do not try? i am just answering the questions i know the answer to and im at school to learn.
Please help.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 15, 2006 3:25 pm
by parnassus
You are right: you musn't compromise your own learning just to let her answer a question. As you go to an LD school, your teachers will presumably know that she has difficulty articulating her thoughts at speed and won't penalise her for not answering class questions. Remind her of this.

However, it must be quite upsetting for her to know the answer but never get a chance to display her knowledge. I feel like this sometimes in my classes at university: I can't get my thoughts out at the same speed as the others and I end up flagging miserably in the rear. I think you should tactfully wait for a few extra seconds before putting your hand up to give her a chance to speak. (Do it when you're confident she will know the answer to a question.) Don't tell her that you are doing this in case she feels as if you are being patronising. If she doesn't speak up, take the opportunity yourself.