Easy, simple, step to step guide revison tips.

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Easy, simple, step to step guide revison tips.

Postby kitty_cute » Sun May 07, 2006 1:51 pm

My end of year exams are looming. And Ive decided to not slack off, and work. All my life, I havent revised, and have got Cs, Bs, occasional As and Ds.... (Maths and Science)

As my GCSEs are looming (and my R.S ACTUAL GCSE exam is in three weeks) I need some easy, step to step revison tips.

Ive discovered the wonders of mind maps, and flash cards, and they're working - I just need organisation - when to do the revison?!

Thanks, Daz x
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Postby Goldenhamster » Mon May 08, 2006 8:47 pm

W H Smiths do a little ringbound book of 50 plain white flash cards. It's easy to use because you don't get your notes in a muddle and end up staring bewilderedly at a diagram of the heart when you were really looking for details of the Battle of Hastings! This avoids yet another dyspraxic revision mess-up. You can carry it around in a bag or pocket to whip it out at speed and flick through.

Concept maps might be useful for RS, when you have to explore and analyse detail to answer the question. This is very similar to a mind map, except that it uses questions instead of facts. Begin with a large central question such as 'What are the main beliefs and customs of Christianity.' Then draw in branches breaking up the questions into more manageable ones such as 'what is the significance of this...' or 'describe a ... ceremony.' Then get a piece of paper and try to answer the questions as best you can, then check it against your book. I find it makes it easier to remember points and tackle test questions.
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