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Anyone else awaiting exam results?

Mon Aug 07, 2006 5:24 pm

Is anyone else awaiting exam results? I get mine on the 17th August and I'm terrified as they determine whether I get in to my first choice university or not!

Mon Aug 07, 2006 5:28 pm

Ooo I get my R.S GCSE results on the 25th of August - ahh so nervous! =/ Good luck with your results! x

Mon Aug 07, 2006 5:34 pm

Good luck to you too! I hate getting results, it's even scarier than taking the exams because in an exam at least you have some control wheras as you go to get your results there's nothing you can do! Sorry if I scared anyone!

Mon Aug 07, 2006 5:37 pm

HAHAH I'm EVEN more scared now! :)

Mon Aug 07, 2006 8:19 pm

I completely understand what you lot are going through In june i was eagerly awaiting my results from my first year at uni.

also I know what its like awaiting to find out weather you have been successful with your first choice uni because it feels like your whole life depends on it.

I can only wish everyone good luck and just hope you get the grades which you deserve for all of your hard work.


Mon Aug 07, 2006 10:01 pm

Just to echo Emma's comments best of luck to all those awaiting exam results. I do hope that they are evrything you want, and that they will allow you to do what you want to do next year.

Thinking of you all,


Mon Aug 07, 2006 11:11 pm

Thank you! x

Tue Aug 08, 2006 6:21 pm

I'm waiting for my statistics exam results, because I took that exam a year earlie, but I can always take the statistics exam again next year if I do badly.
Good luck everyone.

Wed Aug 09, 2006 8:52 pm

Yep I think so =] I remember us, frantically revising for it today x

Thu Aug 10, 2006 9:29 am

My results come out non the 17th.

Go0od luck everyone.

exam results

Thu Aug 10, 2006 9:44 am

gd luck too everyone who is getting their exam results
frm heather

Wed Aug 16, 2006 8:20 pm

Good luck to everyone expecting their results. I work in a high school and had our schools A level results on my desk this morning ;) Our students did really well, but they have to wait until tomorrow to find out how well too :D

Wed Aug 16, 2006 8:35 pm

good luck everyone, i get my it gcse result on the 24th

Wed Aug 16, 2006 9:02 pm

good luck

Thu Aug 17, 2006 10:42 am

hello again. Just thought I'd update you as I got my results this morning.
I didn't meet my conditional offer set by the university but they let me in anyway so it's all good. I was a bit dissapointed with my results but I'm looking forward to starting a music degree in city uni in London next month. It's all beginning to feel real now!

I hope everyone got the results they need and want and if everything doesn't go quite to plan don't panic you may still get in(like me!) and if not htere's always lots of course places available through clearing or plenty of things to do in a gap year.

Good luck to those yet to receive exam results.
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