Need to find an expert

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Need to find an expert

Postby Jumarriner » Wed Apr 18, 2012 12:12 pm

Hi Guys

My daughter is in year 6 and will be going off to secondary school in September. I have just come across this website and thought it would be a great support for her. I feel quite lost myself too and the reason I am actually hunting on the internet is to see if I can find a good expert that can give a thorough assessment. Not sure if any of you have had this experience but the experts that have seen my daughter have only focused on their area of expertise and given reports in their specialist area. But what would be helpful is getting an assessment that looks at her as a whole person. Does anyone know of a good expert that she could see or could you point me int the right direction please?
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Re: Need to find an expert

Postby Remus » Thu Apr 19, 2012 2:27 pm

Hi there. None of us on here would be able to assess her officially, not like a proper medical specialist would be able to, we are not qualified or licensed to do that. Sure, we can advise, offer support and our own experiences and opinions but nothing more. My advice to you is if you are unhappy with the experts opinions, go seek your GP and talk to them about it who can refer to another specialist such as an occupational therapist or speak with the school's special needs department as I'm sure they would be able to help you.
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