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My story

Tue Mar 31, 2009 10:31 am

Hi, i thought this rooms a little empty, so im gonna post a story for a manga im making here :D enjoy, btw english isnt my strong point so some of it might be unclear : D
(About WoW)

Chapter 1

The sun burned bright, it was a hot day in stranglethorn, The Creatures that inhibited the jungle, hid from the sun, finding shade where ever they could.
Not a single creature ventured out into the sun.
Somewhere deep within the stretches of stranglethorn, was a secret group, a clan of a rare breed, this small, pointy eared race hid deep within stranglethorn, well away from the public eye.
A town stood, on the western coast of the beaches, small huts, made from cleverly crafted wood, coated with shiny gold trims.
In the center of the town, layed a well, Red in colour, and gold trimmed, it fit in well with the scenery set up by the people.
Next to the well were houses, about as high as two raptors, there were a number of 10 houses, each made up of a simple 4 room design, a living room, with wooden benches and windows, a kitchen, based around a small cooking stove, and two bedrooms upstairs, each room with 2 sets of bunk beds, adding up to 8 beds in total per house.
In one of these houses, there lives a half Blood elf, half Gnome, named Thokkrast.
His destiny will soon unfold, unto a story like no other.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door of thokkrast's house
a small figure answered the door.
A dark, deep voice beckoned.
"I have been sent to deliver a note of importance to the child, named Thokkrast"
"My cousin?" a quiet voice replyed from the small figure.
"Yes young Traze".

Traze was a youngling, only aged nine in years.
She had two pink pig tails on her head, with small facial features
She grasped the note, and ran upstairs, and ran to the first room on the right, and climbed the ladders to the top bunk where someone was sleeping.

"Cousin this just came for you" Traze whispered as she climbed back down the small set of ladders. She ran back downstairs.

The character grabbed the note, and began reading it quietly to him self. it read.


You have become of the age of 17 recently, as you know there is much that must be discusssed regarding your duties.

Please come see me as soon as you can.

Yours, Tundrad"

Ripping the letter in half and throwing it onto the floor, Thokkrast vaulted ovre the ladders, and grabbed his uniform from his wardrobes

The uniform was made up of chain mail gloves, chestpeice, leggins, boots, all trimmed with gold, he customised his uniform with his mask, red with gold trimmings, which covered his face below his eyes.

He made his way down stairs, skipping two steps each stride.
As he finished his decent he reached into his pocket and pulled out a gold key, and kneeled before a box, small in width, and long, and placed then key into the lock, and turned it.

He opened the box, and removed a small sword, followed with a shield, round on top, and then cresent shaped nearer the bottom.

He placed the shield on his back, and the sword inside its sheath, and attatched it to his belt on his waist, and walked out the front door.

Thokkrast walked over to the well, where other young Blood-Gnomes were sitting.
As he got closer, they looked up and greeted him.

"so the your times come has it? your going to become an adventurer like the adults?" one of the three gnomes said.

Thokkrast nodded, thinking about the ripped note.

"does that mean we wont get to hang around like we always do?"

Thokkrast thought for a moment, then nodded in a slow motion, he knew his life was about to change.

"well, we made something for you, its from us three".

The group presented a small, golden shield from behind the well, it contained a farily large, rounded gem in the middle, the shield had a spiralled theme to it.

"We made this for you, for when you leave, we found this gem in the lake, the blacksmith helped us."

"Thankyou" Thokkrast mumbled gratefully, he grasped the shield as he hid a big smile under his mask.
Removing his old shield from his back, he presented his friends with his old shield, replacing the new shield on his back.

"I think you should have this, my old shield, it helped me with my training, hopefully youll find the same benefit as I" Thokkrast explained.

"Are you sure? this is your shield, youv had it for years" one of the Gnomes asked

"Im sure, as long as you look after it" he replyed
"besides i have a better one now" he smiled as he pointed to his new shield with his thumb.

"i must realy get going now, Tundrad wants to speak with me" Thokkrast said, as he began to turn in the north of town, where a large tower stood.

"please be careful, and take care wont you?" the quietest of the three spoke.

"Of course i will, i dont plan on dying anytime soon" He replyed.
"i realy have to go now, Farewell my friends."

Thokkrast turned and began to walk towards the watch tower, where Tundrad was waiting for him.
he walked past the houses, glancing at the familys through the windows as he passed, The life he knew was going to be taken from him, and traded for a duty only few gain the privelage of being given.

He finaly reached the door, he pulled the lever which sprung the door system, and walked inside, inside the stairs coiled round the sides of the walls, he climbed the stairs to the top, past flame torches.
Once he reached the top, he heard the voice of Tundrad
"I see you have arrived Thokkrast, i have been waiting for you."

"what is it you wanted to see me about Tundrad" Thokkrast asked.

"You have become of age, Ever since you were born you have been different from the other Younglings, you developed faster than the others, mentaly and physicaly stronger than the others, this is one of the reasons which has destined you to visit me, you are to be sent on a quest, which will involve a long trek across azeroth, and endless encounters with dangerous beasts, you remember the special training you have been receiving over the past 7 years dont you?"

"yes, i remember my training, its been difficult, but i dont understand it, why me, why wasnt somebody else chosen to do this?"Thokkrast Enquired

"Because you are capable of harnessing powers we have never seen before Thokkrast, your inner powers are stronger than the most powerful wizards and warlocks, you are a destined Hero for this world."

"That i was never told during my training, how did this gift become of me?" Thokkrast asked.

"It is your Blood-Elf heritage, you are have inherited a rare gene from your ancestors, one that skips tens, or even hundreds of generations, in your case, this has not been seen in over twenty thousand years."Tundrad explained

"So what is it exactly you want me to do?"Thokkrast replyed.

"What we want you to do, Thokkrast, is very dangerous, our very existance is being threatened by the lich king, only when he is defeated will we be safe, this is where you come in."Tundrad paused for a second, took a breath, and then carried on his description.
"You must adventure out, and become stronger, help the world of azeroth, and in return you will get help back, your Quest is to put the Lich king to death, but you will need help from other strong friends aswell."

"I understand, This is not your average request, this is a very huge task for anyone, are you sure i will be able to carry this out?"

"I am sure you will be able to succeed Thokkrast, it is what you are destined to do, Help will always be at hand, You must go now Thokkrast, and forge your own path, wether it be The light, The Arcane or the powers of Darkness, whatever path you choose, you must use it for good, to defeat the lich king.....To save our kind."

Thokkrasts destiny has been recognised, Now is the time for him to accomplish the biggest task ever put on the world, The death of the Lich King.

woo that was a lot of text :O

Re: My story

Thu May 21, 2009 3:43 pm

good story :)
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