Letters you would love to send, but won't

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Letters you would love to send, but won't

Postby Cynamon » Tue Feb 09, 2010 9:22 pm

I put this in here because it seemed like the right place.

Is there a letter you'd love to write to someone, but know you could never send it? Put it here!

I'll start.

Dear Tinker.

I know you think you're starving, but you're really not. You get three pouches of food a day, there are ALWAYS 2 bowls of complete food cat biscuits for you to munch on throughout the day and night, and your water is changed daily.

I have trouble walking. I really can't cope with you running into the kitchen with me, darting through my legs and coming to a loudly wailing sudden stop right in front of my feet.

You don't have worms, we even took you to the vet to check that the preventative worming tablets had worked. You have nothing wrong with your stomach, and you're at a perfect weight. You are not starving. Please stop trying to convince us that you are.


The disbelieving one.

Re: Letters you would love to send, but won't

Postby Cynamon » Fri Feb 19, 2010 3:54 pm

Dear mum and step dad

Stop drinking already!


Your fed up daughter.

Re: Letters you would love to send, but won't

Postby Steph » Mon Mar 08, 2010 12:57 pm

Dear the guy who knows perfectly well who he is,

I cared for you and liked you so much that, when you approached me and asked me out that night in March 2008, I was delighted. Finally I had someone who could see past the way I behaved and like me despite that. I was nervous about telling you that I had an autistic spectrum disorder-our mutual friends told me not to panic so much and that you weren't the type of guy to judge someone based on a condition they had so I did tell you. As soon as I told you, you became distant and withdrawn. The next day, you sent me a message on Facebook telling me that you didn't think this relationship would work out and that we had better end it now. We had only been together for 4 days but what makes it worse is that it was done over Facebook. We were both adults-why couldn't you have told me face to face? Why couldn't you have the courage to do that? I was distraught and couldn't stop crying for a week. Yes, that might seem an over reaction to you but I had so wanted us to work out and it just really got to me that it hadn't. Then I found out that you had told some mutual friends that you only asked me out that night because you were drunk and that you'd noticed how I behaved stranger than most people. You also stated that you would not want a girlfriend who was not Catholic like you. You knew I wasn't Catholic long before that night and, if drinking alcohol can alter your perceptions of people so much that you can give them false hope, then I think you need to look at whether you should be drinking at all. You are a grown man and you need to learn to take some responsibility for your actions.

It took me a long time to get over you-just over a year in fact. I know our relationship barely even started but it was more the way you treated me afterwards that filled me with anger. I had told you that I had forgiven you but, deep down, I still resented that whole period in my life. I had reached the point where, if I saw you, I could be civil to you but I couldn't trust you as a friend again now I knew how you really felt about me and my condition.

Anyway, fast forward to this day-I now have a boyfriend who is a true man, 100 times the man you are. We have been together for 8 months and our relationship is going brilliantly. I was nervous about telling him about my condition because of how you had responded but he didn't respond like you at all. The problem is with you, not me. I genuinely pity you because you can't see people for who they really are-you just concentrate on one facet of them and decided they deserve nothing but your dismissal. Now that I have my boyfriend, I know we never would have worked anyway-you are too self centred and hypocritical for me. I'm not bitter towards you any more-I'm just indifferent. I hope you learned something from that time but sadly I don't think you did.


The girl you can't make feel crap any more.
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