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Who is that man? (Poem)

Mon May 23, 2011 7:56 pm

Who is that man?

Who is that man?
Who tried to break into that house?
Does he have his own family?
Is he married?

What does he tell people
When he goes out at night?
Does he sneak out?
Or tell them a lie?

During the day is he nice?
Or does he tries and commit other crime?
Is he known to the police?
Does he have a job?

Where is this man now?
Is he still out there?
Is he in prison?
Is he a changed man?

All these questions
Without an answer
If you could meet him
What would you ask him?

What was his plan?
When he tried to break into that house
There only one person who knows the answer
And that’s the man himself.
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