assessment to take and i found this site

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Postby madame_tigre » Sat Feb 04, 2006 11:31 am

I find it fun taking Internet IQ tests but I don't take the resuts seriously. There was a fairly big difference between my highest and lowest score too. I think it's difficult to give somebody with learning difficulties an accurate IQ.
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Postby parnassus » Sat Feb 04, 2006 12:32 pm

Your wrong, I went there and greatly improved. Maybe it's not for everyone, but it certainly helped me improve my spacial awareness greatly.

I don't think Lea denies that the programme is effective for some people, David, but that the DORE people shouldn't be charging the fees they do for it. I have looked closely at the DDAT treatment, and they offer nothing that an occupational or physiotherapist can't provide at a fraction of the cost. (I paid a hundred pounds for private occupational therapy - a tenth of what DORE ask.) I don't know where the DORE Achievement Centres get their price tag from, but I think it's an exorbitant sum to pay.

internet iq tests aer stupid. i decided to see how acurate they were, so took all the different ones i could find, wrote down my scors and found that all my scores veryed, there was a huge difference between my highest and lowest scors. i dont know my IQ but i dont want to know it.

Your IQ score will be on your educational psychologist's report, monkey. There are two main reasons why Internet scores vary: a.) because many of the tests aren't designed by professionals and have no bearing whatsoever on IQ; and b.) even legitimate IQ tests use different scales of measurement. A person who is tested with the Weschler Scale will see a discrepancy when s/he is tested with the Stanford-Binet.

The Weschler and Stanford-Binet tests are seen as the most reputable, but you probably won't find them on the Internet. I am also unsure of their value in measuring intelligence. The best they can do is show you the direction where your strengths lie.
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Postby Danni » Sat Feb 04, 2006 6:53 pm

All the internet IQ tests I've taken have given me an IQ between 130-140, 136 occuring on 3 of them. Since I don't have an Educational Psychologist report I don't know my real IQ.

Took the DORE dyspraxia test- got 3.13 on both balance and coordination and fine motor control. Wouldn't pay thier prices though- could anyone recommend a private educational psychologist that's good? I'm willing to pay for an assessment if it'll help me (isn't that what DLA is for? :P)
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Postby monkey » Mon Feb 06, 2006 12:15 pm

it doesnt say what my IQ is that i can see. it gives percentile rankings but not an IQ.

another question though. alot of people with dyspraxia have a much lower preformance IQ than verbal but this is not teh case for me. my preformance was in the 87th precentile and my verbal was in the 47 percentile rank. this is confusing. i do have teh symprotms of dyspraxia though.
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