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In the Davinci Code, it states that Mary Magdelene and Jesus got married and had kids. Do you believe this to be true? Explain why you chose your answer.

Yes, I believe it to be true.
No, I believe it is NOT true, even if I think it was possible, I do not believe it.
I don't know.
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Postby Dan » Sat Aug 26, 2006 11:02 pm

I didn't read the whole thread, but Jesus was male, so there's no reason why he wouldn't have sex.
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Postby mattie » Sat Aug 26, 2006 11:23 pm

But it contradicts everything the Bible and Christian faith teaches. Plus the theories put forward (and the evidence used to support these theories) are simply fictitious and faulty.

I agree with Gordon - a very good page turner, but nothing more.

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Postby Kentigern » Sun Aug 27, 2006 12:00 am

I didn't read the whole thread, but Jesus was male, so there's no reason why he wouldn't have sex.

Jesus was male, and yes he could have potentially had sex. However Christians believe that Jesus did not have sex.

Christians believe that sex should only take place in the context of marriage. Christians also believe that marriage is a life long commitment. When a couple have sex, they come close to each other, and become one body. Sex is an act of giving oneself to the other. If I have sex with a particular person, I exclude every other human being from coming close to me in this way.

Sex also imparts responsibility. It imparts the responsibility to bring up children. When you bring up children in a family, you are giving a lot of energy and sacrifice to bringing up your own family. You don't expend the same energy and sacrifice bringing uo children who are in a family of their own.

Christians believe that Jesus did not have sex with anyone because he wants to become very close to every human being on earth without exception. Jesus is inclusive. No human is excluded from coming close to him. As sex excludes people coming very close to you, it would not be appropriate for Jesus to have had sex as it sex excludes.

Catholics believe that sex is a representation of Jesus' relationship with human kind. Catholics believe that Jesus gave himself to human kind in the same way a husband gives himself to his wife when he has sex. Jesus did this by dying on the cross and instituting what we call "The Eucharist", which is where we recieve the body and blood of Jesus in form of bread and wine. In this way Jesus binds himself with human kind in the same way that a man binds to his wife in sex.

As Jesus came to bind himself to human kind in this special way, it is entirely inappropriate for Him to have bound himself exclusively to one other human being in a sexual relationship.

None of what I have said should be interpreted as me saying that sex is bad. Sex is good because it imitates what Jesus did for human kind when he died on the cross and instituted the Eucharist.
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Postby Bladen » Tue Aug 29, 2006 10:51 pm

I believe in the historical figure of Jesus, it's all in all possible for it to happen , nowhere near impossible. His decendent coyuld be some guy from a death metal band, even if he existed there would be no way to know or prove his relation to the world's 1st hippy/sage/preacher with a kickass beard.

As you can tell I don't want to get serious and dish out crap again, I learned that lesson not too long ago. =p
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