Do you vote? If you do, do you think your vote has counted?

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Do you vote? If you do, do you think your vote counts?

Yes, I vote and I think that my vote does count.
Yes, I vote and I do NOT think that my vote counts.
No votes
No, I do NOT vote and I DO NOT think my vote counts.
No votes
No, I do not vote.
No votes
No, I CANNOT vote because I'm too young or other reason
Yes, I vote and I think that my vote DOES COUNT only SOMETIMES.
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Postby Hermionefan5 » Thu Nov 16, 2006 12:26 am

mattie wrote:[Then, of course, you have the Iraq war. Despite experiencing an unprecendented terrorist threat, we were not justified - either legally or morally - to declare war on Iraq. Due to our actions, hundreds of thousands of lives were lost in Iraq, many of them being innocent civilians. :( How can TB and his cronies justify this when the British and American forces haven't even brought peace and prosperity to the region? :?


Yeah I agree. I totally respect and support all the troops in Iraq right now, but I don't agree with the sacrificing of innocent lives. The war was not justified at all. So many lives have been lost all because of someone's idea that we can kill all of the terrorists by having a "War on Terrorism." We can't kill EVERY terrorist in the world. Sure, we should try to stop terrorism, but it's impossible to stop people completely from doing bad things. There are terrorists created every day all around the world. In my opinion, we are creating even more by being in this war. But, we will create thousands more by just leaving Iraq without making peace. I hope that since the Democrats now rule the House of Representatives and the Senate that they can convince Bush to make a better plan for this war. We aren't getting anywhere and what's worse is, we aren't being told anything in the news media except that troops are dying. We don't know what we're fighting for and we don't know what good (if any) is going on over there. We need a new policy in Iraq so that we can make peace and we can leave within the next 10 years.
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