the smaking bill

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do you agree or disagree with teh smaking bill

i agree with the smaking bill. parents should never be aloud to smake ther children
i disagree i think parents should have the right to use smakinga sa punishemtn
i dont know
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Postby Splendid » Mon Jul 02, 2007 12:17 pm

I'm from New Zealand too. Though this is a bit late I've only just now realized it and made this lovely post where I get to give my opinions. At the moment I think it doesn't really do much at all and the way in which the government tried to bring it in so quickly was shoddy to me.

What I'd really like to talk about behind the smacking bill is that CYFs outfit. CYFs, Child, Youth and Family are meant to be a government social service that protects youth and children. They are overworked, stressed for resources, disorganized and the way things are going we're going to have a lot of problem children later on.

I wont give too much detail but CYFs is like a farm. Except it's a government made farm, and instead of raising chickens on a good diet with fresh air and taking care of them they've stuck the chickens into cages, pumped them with antibiotics and hormones then made them lay lots of eggs. Except the eggs are thin, tiny and malnourished. Any chicks that hatch from them will be weak and withered.

I'm not comparing a human to an egg, I'm just saying it's similar to one. My family has a history of social workers so I can speak from personal experience. I think they Government would like to throw money at CYFs and hope the problems disappear, but it's parts of NZ culture that will have to change. Anyway enough ranting from me.
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