weapon ownership

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weapon ownership

Postby Page » Thu Apr 05, 2007 7:41 am

Apparently, the laws in the UK and the US are very different concerning weapon ownership.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems that you guys are denied any means of protecting yourselves from hostile activity.

Here, you can have many kinds of weapons: knives and other blades (with a few exceptions) , handguns, rifles, shotguns, and even a few assault rifles (since the 1994 ban expired and our congress never renewed it)

There are a few limitations as to what you can have (live explosives are banned, for example, and you cannot carry a concealed gun on your person in public) but I feel that weapon ownership is a good thing if you are a responsible adult. (emphasis on "responsible" and "adult")

Law-abiding citizens should be allowed weapons to keep themselves and their families safe.

Where I come from, we have a saying: if guns are outlawed, then only outlaws will have guns.

The way I see it, a ban on weapons wouldn't help because it would only make law-abiding people defenseless. Criminals would still have weapons because they would simply get them illegally on the black market.

What do you think?
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Postby Dork_Lord » Thu Apr 05, 2007 8:52 am

The current UK policy is that only farmers and licesnsed hunters are allowed guns to protect livestock from attacking foxes and stray dogs. Knives are generally illegal to carry

The policy on guns currently works in britain by preventing an arms race. It is extremely rare in britain that your average criminal will have a gun, making it a lot more even in any sort of fight.

Criminals in britain almost never have guns, but usually carry knives(or at least say they do). This increases your chances considerably of being able to run away, as you can outrun someone with a knife, if they have a gun they could shoot you as you were running.

I know some people in britain do carry knives for protection, but I have yet to see them being useful. One of my friends, who does carry one, was beaten up by someone from a rival school. He did not use the knife to stab the attacker, probably through confusion thus leading me to believe that if I were to carry a knife for protection it would be unlikely I would use it to even threaten the criminals. (His attacker was arrested and put in jail for assault afterwards).

As a law abiding person, I would not categorise myself as defenceless, I could attack without a weapon if the situation called for it, and I would be a lot less confident if I knew I had a lethal weapon and didn't know how to properly use it. Running away really quickly and shouting a lot is usually the best thing to do if you are attacked.

A lot of pro-weapons activists say "you need them to defend your homes". In the case of someone illegally entering your home you are legally entitled to do anything do defend yourself if your life is under threat. There are any number of lethal instruments within a house (frying pans, kitchen knives, chairs,small tables) which used correctly could be more lethal than any knife an attacker could use. A gun is really a dangerous and stupid idea in that kind of situation, besides which in most burglaries if discovered, a burglar will run away rather than risk death and arrest by staying.

It is very good to keep the armament laws in place in britain, as it becomes headline news all over the country when people are shot in london due to the gang violence there. This shows it is particularly remarkable when people are shot in britain because of the lack of gun crime being commonplace. If we allowed non criminal people to carry weapons, then criminals could easily become better with these weapons legally and the chances of someone being killed in criminal activity become much, much higher.
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Postby intowiz » Thu Apr 05, 2007 8:57 am

are you kidding it appears to me that most of the us is very gun happy. we dont need guns to p[rotect ourselves because no one else has a gun. goingback to the wild west era the us was more than gun happy. more peaple ie in the us from gun elated crimes tha any other country.
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Postby Miranda » Thu Apr 05, 2007 7:35 pm

I don't really have time (or the typing ability) to fully explain myself but i have had a gun at my head, I have been threatened with knives and I have carried a knife.
Surely if they were so rare in the UK this wouldn't have happened...
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Postby Shaun » Thu Apr 19, 2007 9:47 am

Weapons are beyond wrong when used for the wrong reason. When I buy most of the things I want though, I am thinking of buying some powerful air rifles just for target practice in my back garden. It's good fun if you only use the things for that. :roll: I used to have a BB gun when I was younger, but I hated how little chavs went around shooting people with them, thinking they were in their own little Grand Theft Auto fantasy.
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Postby eastlondonluke » Tue Jun 12, 2007 3:25 pm

Todays society is just full of blob wepons are a way of life for some peeps these days but i allways try to think why the kids of today are like dis,when i was grownig up things warnt looking so good,peeps these days dont care about kids all dat much.Iv grown up in one of the worse parts of east london of couse it never used to be like dat but things have changed,nothings out there them and then you turn round and think why?why?is it dat things have got dis bad its the poorer working class dat sufer the most people arnt doing much to try and solve the problem we all no that there isent eneything for teens to do these days and there are some parents out der that dont allways think so quick.The goverment arnt doing much to tackle the problem of gang violens but you have to think dat on ya streetyours mighite not be the worse,look around you what do you see,well maybe a few houses but for some dat isernt da case sometimes i could be a rundown towerblock on a deprived estate theres nowhere to go or nowhere to hang,therefor these kids are raised on the ways of these streets wid out care,there are so many rival coucil estates out der and you dont have to live on one to no dat liveing in flats isent a plesent experence,urban life isent good belive you me it an't so be gratefull for what youv got.Iv never lived on a council estate but i no dat flts arent plesent cause iv been der.This generation geting worse these youth man are comeing up nouthings out der for them so they just don't give a fuk.Itrongly wish dat the problem could be sorted.
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Postby intowiz » Tue Jun 12, 2007 3:40 pm

take into account though that many generations before us had nothing more than a stick to play with and the open area. these days we do have such things as video games skateparks things such as this are being built around the country but unfortunatly not in the places taht need it most and not enough.
one of the biggest problems of are genaration is that we were raised by women. many families break up these days and children live with the mothers more. this may deprive kids of father like roile models that are filled in by role models on tv.
im not saying that peaple nof generation have copied what they see as ive made the argument before that you have tpo be unstable first to carry out everything you see but what im saying is that we look up to other figures rather than look upto the role model of the father who for generations was the firm hand when kids got out of control.
sorry im rambling and probebly screwed up what i meant to say as usual.
unfortunatly many peaple of our generation have no one to tell them when to stop so the peaple who cause trouble have very blurred views of right an wrong and whats acceptable.
i sound incredibly conservitive sorry im rabbling and not stationg the point i wanted to make.
ill leave it and write something better later.
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Postby Syrons » Tue Jun 12, 2007 4:23 pm

I think where ever you live you can still do somthing in life.

Too many people want to follow the fashion. So thats why when there 30. they end up thinking what is my life for? i could of done somthing if i put my mind to it and not messed about. if i didnt take drugs or smoke or drink obessivly i could of wasted that money on somthing important to get out that mess.

It maybe harder to think like that if you live somewhere runned down i dont really dont know.

Its like it everywhere i think they moan and moan and moan. when you say work in class or a adult work. They want high payed jobs they dont want to be doing toilets, they dont want to be doing cleaning. But if you got no gcses or no edcation then you have too. Then they moan about "foreigners" are taking there jobs. im sure if you put yourself in a interview dressed up nicely and look like you really wanted the job like people from other countries want. im sure they have as good as chance as any of them.

Being bored. I think they be bored even if we had everything. If they were motovated im sure they be doing somthing postive instead of causing crime. help the community be better than it is.

Kids these days just want to be "cool" i know london is worse but its the same everywhere you go. there rival places. Even where i live theres a crew. they drink obessivly and dont give a damn for anyone. yes they have coucil estates most placces but they may not look as ugly but there the same as you said. they cuase my life hell i walk past them. they want to smack me they try and steal my money they want weed weed weed. i've done notting to them its not like im a person who shouts out and casuing any trouble. i lead my life on my own.

And some of them its just to do with there mum done the dirty on his dad. so he takes it out on everyone. which shows he not grown up. and never faced anything hard in his life. People who have guns are desperate but all probably have a reason.

Most rather live on benefits so they can contiunue there drug addiction.

The trouble is everyone wants to be hard and laugh at people downfall.

I dont really see where i have to be grateful. yes i may have lots of things but that wasnt down to me saving loads and loads of money and finding things cheap. im sure they have it hard yes but im sure there some in teh coucil estates who dont act like this who have to put up with them. there the ones i feel sorry for yes. the others i feel sorry for is they cant handle pear pressure.

If like ourselves i try my hardest to overcome my problems. why dont they and get themselves out of there.

Most say "i dont want to leave the hood i want to stay real" then you just like why you complainning then!! lol

We all have problems we all have to get through them.

Thats my rant
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Postby intowiz » Tue Jun 12, 2007 4:37 pm

i think weve all trailed of the topic a bit
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